updating the bios on my dell inspiron 5100

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When trying to update the BIOS to version A32 on my inspiron 5100, it tells me that the current version A06 is an unsupported version and will not let me update.

Any suggestions?

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Oddly, the 'A06' BIOS is for a DELL Inspiron 2600 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to updating the bios on my d ...

Quite why you have an A06 BIOS lodged in a DELL Inspiron 5100 is beyond me.

Silly Question:
Are you SURE you have an Inspiron 5100 ?

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It's a two step upgrade

by IC-IT In reply to updating the bios on my d ...

They changed from a Phoenix BIOS to a Dell BIOS image. You need to Flash the A22 first, then the A32.
If you are running a *nix version and have the Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics chipset (845G chipset), do not upgrade to vesion A22. It has been reported that once you upgrade from A06 to A22, Linux will not see more than 1 MB of shared video RAM. If you have the 16 MB ATI Video care, you will not be affected by this. This is Dell's official response:

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the upgrade from A06 to A22, it is not possible downgrade. This is normal, and is not a glitch. The heart of the issue is that the A22 revision is a totally different format of BIOS than the previous version. So A22 was specially designed to make that change in the old BIOS and it is not currently a reversible process.

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Go To..

by NormH3 In reply to updating the bios on my d ... and select drivers and downloads. Enter your service Tag information and verify what it is you have and what you need.

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Did you follow the instructions carefully?...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to updating the bios on my d ...

Download the Inspiron 1100/5100 A32 BIOS Update

To download the Inspiron 1100/5100 BIOS update:


Download the I5100A32 (.EXE) driver.

By downloading, accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement.


Click the Save button to display the Save As: window.

Verify that the I5100A32.exe file name is listed in the File name: box and then click Save to display the File saved window.

Click OK.

Install the Inspiron 1100/5100 A32 BIOS Update

Complete the following steps to install the downloaded Inspiron 1100/5100 A32 BIOS update:

Do not interrupt the system during this process.
Do Not:

* Press any keys on the keyboard
* Move the mouse.
* Interrupt the power to the system.

Any of the above actions could result in damage to the system BIOS while the Flash process is running.

1. Shut down all other applications prior to running the BIOS update utility.

2. Double-click the I5100A32.exe, I1100A32 Icon, icon on your Desktop.
The Dell BIOS Flash window appears.

3. Click the Continue button.
The message Pressing OK will close all applications, shut down Windows, Flash the BIOS, then reboot appears.

4. Click the OK button.
The system will restart and the BIOS Flash will be completed.

Your Inspiron 1100/5100 portable computer is now updated to the A32 System BIOS.

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Except that you will still need to do the A22 first

by IC-IT In reply to Did you follow the instru ...

There is a known issue with updating from A06 to A32 directly.
If he follows my advice and caution, he will be ok.

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How to get older A22 BIOS

by ann.lee In reply to Except that you will stil ...

I have the same problem in that I cannot update to A32 for the Dell 5100 as I have an older BIOS than the A22. How do I find the A22 version? Dell's site just lists the A32 for the 5100.

Thanks for help

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