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    Upgrade and move the Domain Controller


    by andrew.shotton ·

    This is a double task: At the moment I am using SBS2003, which I plan to upgrade to the standard versions by applying the transition pack. At roughly the same time I need to Physically move all of the services/applications of the SBS (which includes exchange, DNS, e.t.c.) onto a new machine becuase the one it is on is about to die. The questions I have are: 1: Should I move SBS to the new box before applying the transition pack, or 2: Should I apply the transition pack then move the services/applications? Also what is the best way to move the Domain Controller and Exchange to a new box? I could bring on line the new box, promote it to a DC so that AD replicates, move DNS over the network which leaves Exchange, e.t.c Is there a simple way of doing this such as simply restoring data to a new server from a backup from the original machine. For all intents and purposes I want clients to see the new machine as if it was the old one. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      I would….

      by roger99a ·

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      Install server software on the new system. Run a couple of backups on the old server including at least one good backup using the native NT Backup to a networked drive because it’s fast and available and I don’t trust tape. Run the transition pack. Upgrade the new server to DC and setup DNS and Exchange ect. Move the mailboxes. Let it sit for a couple of weeks, remove the AD and then shut it down. In another couple of weeks or so, if there are no issues, you can recycle it.

      Now to qualify this response: my plans never seem to play out as well as I thought.

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