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Upgrade Considerations (Domain Controller, Exchange, etc)

By lickity40 ·

I've had an upgrade to my servers approved and would like some input from the experts here. Before I mention my current configuration, I want to note something I did when I started building this mess about 3 years ago, and that is...I put MS-Exchange 2000 on my Domain Controller. (I know...bad boy). Thing is, I didn't even realize I wasn't supposed to do this until after I'd already done it. It's been working fine like this but understand that where I may encounter 'issues' is in the event of a crash.

BTW, I'm selecting the rack-mounted server configuration. We are a non-profit agency with about 40 users on the network. We have a DSL internet connection with maybe 10 employees having access to the internet.

Presently I have this config:

Server #1: Domain Controller w/Exchange 2000. AMD 1700+, Windows 2000 Server SP4, 256MB.

Server #2: Dedicated for our accounting software operation. (American Fundware) and our ADP Payroll s/w and Terminal Services (usually 5 users). Compaq Proliant ML370, Windows 2000 Server SP4, 528MB.

Server #3: File Server. HP Pavilion 9694C, Netware 4.11 with updates, 128MB.

Server #4: Proxy Server. 200MGz, Windows 98, 128MB

Server #5: Internet Mail Server, POP3 Collection, Virus Scanning, Remote Access via Terminal Services.

As I approach this task, I am wondering if I should put the domain controller on a box by itself. If so, can I get by with something less than a new one? I'm just not sure how much resources this thing actually needs. If it requires the newest and fastest that I have, so be it. Just don't want to waste resources.

I'm also thinking about putting the proxy server, (#4), back onto #5. This was a bit much for that server when I had it combinded before but with a new box, will probably be ok.

Finally, I already have licenses and software in hand for Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003.

Any tid-bit of advice or guidance you have to offer will be greatly appreciated!

Warm regards,

Rick Forsythe

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What I would do

by jdmercha In reply to Upgrade Considerations (D ...

First I would avoid replacing all servers in the same year. That just means I'd have to get approval to replace them all again at a later time.

I'd look at consolidating down to 3-4 servers and plan to replace one each year.

I'd replace #3 first with a Intel Xeon and 2GB of ram and make it the domain controller and run terminal srevices.

Taking terminal srevices off of #5 would allow you to move #4 services back to #5.

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by lickity40 In reply to What I would do

I will be trying to consolidate some of the services as you suggested. I actually have to keep TS on the accounting computer since it was designed with TS in mind for access. (no more than 6 users of this service)

I also have to keep TS on the remote access server since that is the method of access for my 3-4 off-site users.

Although I'm not in a big hurry to upgrade all of these at once, I have to buy now since I don't get many opportunities to make such purchases. (being non-profit and all). So, I'll get them and upgrade one-at-a-time :)

I'm thinking of two higher-end servers and two that some of my services don't require the horse power. Should I be thinking about having the DC on one of the good ones with no other services and the other for the Exchange server? I really don't understand all that a domain controller does so as far as I know, it could get by with one of the lower-end units. <thinking aloud)

Thanks again!


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