Upgrade existing website to HTML 5

By papmhy ·
I am Developer and i develop online system like procurement, and my problem is when my user browse to my create website to do a transaction using their mobile devices or tablets my website not look friendly and the behavior is not good as Desktop view. Can any one give a TIP or idea how can i solve this issue ?

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If I understand you correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Upgrade existing website ...

You want a uniform look across all devices used to look at your Web Site and to achieve this you need to lower the resolution of the Page as the Mobile Devices have a far lower Screen Resolution than a Dedicated computer.

While they will not all look the same depending on what device is used you can get them looking similar enough for it not to be a major issue though you will have it looking poorer on a Desktop/Lap Top system.


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Fairly simple yet Very Complex

by robo_dev In reply to Upgrade existing website ...

Your website can detect browsers as well as platform, so when it detects a mobile platform, it can redirect users to a mobile version of your site.

Some content management systems (I use Concrete5, a Bitnami LAMP stack), can automaticaly apply a mobile theme to the site content, so the site appears properly on a mobile device automatically.

While you can do some things to make your site more 'mobile friendly' (e.g. lose the full screen Flash intro), ultimately you need to either use a web content platform that can detect/reformat your site for a mobile device, or basically create a parallel site that is for mobile users.

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