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upgrade from 95 to 98 ,, won't reboot no

By Lookinside11601 ·
Ok,I was giving this computer to upgrade to 98. The computer does not have a cdrom drive.I had to install one , so i could put windows 98 on. After installing 98 , I removed my cd rom drive& erased it from the device manager. I rebooted the computer& it will not start in normal mode.It start to boot windows & then it jumps to a safe mode selection screen.Then I tried to reboot the computer again & it gives me a windows protion error ,saying it can not Itillize cvd << can someone please tellme what this might be . I could be wrong or do you think i might need to fdisk the system again & reinstall 98 ? ,,not sure please email if you can help me ,with this problem.

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upgrade from 95 to 98 ,, won't reboot no

by Shanghai Sam In reply to upgrade from 95 to 98 ,, ...

FDISK is always a last resort especially if you have not backed up data like e-mail and address books and especially the correct windows drivers.
Open Device Manager in safe mode.

I would suspect that either the removed CD-ROM or the Display adapter is causing the problem.
Check the Display adapter. Does it match the adapter on the machine or is "Standard PCI Graphics..." or similar listed. If so delete it.
The list may also contain the CD-ROM you removed earlier. Delete it again

Runmsconfig from the Start,Run menu.
Check the config.sys and Auoexec.bat options... The CD-ROM may be listed here too. Deselect the entries. Click the startup options tab. The device <<pcvd>>may be listed here. Deselect this as well. You may want to troubleshoot by deselecting everything and then re-enabling one or two at a time after every re-boot

Re-boot the computer. It should identify at least the Display adapter. You should use the driver that was supplied with the Graphics Card on floppy or CD (!). If you can't find it, let windows install a default driver just to see if it boots normally. Then update the display driver.
Hope this helps

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