Upgrade from integrated video to graphics card

By chicago57 ·
To some, my question will seem stupid and met with OMG, but you have to start somewhere. Here goes, as I am just learning about computers, I need as much help as possible. I have an old emachine W3118 desktop, that has a 1.80GH AMD Sempron processor,with 2GB installed memory (maxed),PCI express & an 80 GB hard drive. It's video is integrated. I would like to up grade to a nividia GE Force 8400, 512 MB, DDR2 graphics card. My problem is that I have never done an upgrade from an integrated > graphics card upgrade before. I also cannot seem to find any technical information about the emachine W3118. If anyone would be willing to write me up a wlak through or at least point me in the right direction I would deeply appreciate it.

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not to hard

by SystemCheck In reply to Upgrade from integrated v ...

assuming ur pc motherboard has pci express slot, open case remove expansion slot ( metal thingy on back of pc removes differently depending on pc model) insert new video card, turn on pc, install drivers, click start, right click computer or my computer (depending on os)go to propertise select the hardware tab, click on devise manager, expand display adapter right click appropriate display (not the nvidia), click on disable, plug the vga or dvi (monitor data cable) into the video card and wala.

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Easier than that

by Slayer_ In reply to not to hard

Put in new video card, move monitor cable. Start computer and install the drivers, and your done. Most integrated chips automatically turn off when you insert a video card.

Now, the key points are of course.
First, do you have the correct slot.
Does your power supply have enough power?
Does your case ventilate enough for the increased heat of a video card.

And a personal question, why an 8400? That's a fairly weak card... I read the reviews, and aside from being cheap and low power requirements, its pretty weak.

"- Pros

Low resolution gaming

Low profile

Low price tag

Low power requirements


- Cons

Not quite powerful enough for next-gen movie playback"

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from personal experience

by SystemCheck In reply to Easier than that

yes thats true they would both work, i've had it where it wouldn't switch over to the video card, sort of like a back up plan from the beginning.

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I think I'd rather him take the easy way first

by Slayer_ In reply to from personal experience

It is obvious he is inexperienced with computers. Device manager and BIOS settings are both frighting to rookies and dangerous. I'd rather just hope that the system is smart enough to figure it out on its own first. And fight with it later if it doesn't IMO.

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very true

by SystemCheck In reply to I think I'd rather him ta ...

with that in mind id too would go with your response to his questions, both way do add a learning experience eitherway and hope he continues to learn about computers.

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