Upgrade from Mojave to Catalina

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Has anyone recently upgraded from Mojave to Catalina? Has it got any better a year later? I’m using a 2015 MacBook Pro 128gb with 8gb RAM still on Mojave and was hesitant to upgrade because I heard there’s supposedly a lot of issues with Catalina. Is Big Sur any better? I also rely on Adobe apps for work which take up a lot of space so would this cram my computer up?
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I have friends that have.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Upgrade from Mojave to Ca ...

But they are developers so they would never own a 128GB storage device exclusively for long because it would run out of gas (space.) Another discussion had the member whine on and on about each OS being a few more GB than the prior so they are a bit lost because that's how it works now and at least for the past few decades.

The other thing is you may be falling for the Nirvana Fallacy where you expect perfection. None of these are perfect which brings me to my advice. If what you have works, take the security updates and use what you have that works.

As to the last question, 128GB is now your two seater moped of storage. I hope I've made myself clear about this is a fine way to get around but can't handle the full load of groceries and your friends to get home.

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