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Upgrade from NT4 to Vista or XP ???

By james.simmonds ·
I work for a company that are finally going to do a full infrastructure upgrade, we are going to be buying new hardware of at least a Vista spec but have been debating around the project team about moving to Vista or XP.

The debates are around is Vista too new for us to risk an upgrade.

We have about 2500 computers to upgrade and about 300 of them are XP laptops and the rest (All desktops) are NT4. Our business critical application is hosted an a AS400 mainframe

We have purchased an enterprise agreement so will of already paid for Vista, Applications will need to be tested on the new OS anyway.

I need to do a report on both and have lots of info from the web but when people are saying not to upgrade to Vista it is because they are already on XP. We are like a "green field" site as it is all going to migrated.

I'm concerned that we will rollout XP and then have to spend again for Vista rollout.

Any questions just ask and Happy New Year all.


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I hate to say this,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Upgrade from NT4 to Vista ...

but I'd go with Vista. If you were doing substantially less than half your fleet, I'd go with XP, but you're replacing almost 90%.

One of the problems people have with Vista is a lack of hardware drivers for older upgraded systems. Since you're going to be buying new hardware, this won't be an issue for the systems themselves. Be sure you can get driver for all your peripherals, though.

You said your critical app runs on an AS 400. I assume you have a client piece that connects the user / PC to the 400. If that's the case, be sure you can get a Vista-compatible client.

I'd install Vista for as many of the help desk personnel as soon as possible so they can begin getting familiar with it.

Just one idiot's opinion.

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Yer probably right

by Shellbot In reply to I hate to say this,

Glad its not me having to make that decision though!

James, how are you guys fixed with your other applications / software?
Are they critical or can you do without them, because theres a good chance a lot of its just not going to work. But having said that, its a big project so I guess if you have to invest another 20K in software or whatever its probably not an issue.

I vote with Palmetto on this, just check out what won't be compatible so you know what your in for.

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The question you need to answer

by Tig2 In reply to Upgrade from NT4 to Vista ...

Will your mission critical applications run on Vista? Have they been tested? Will it require re-write? Can you define UAC?

If your enterprise is capable of running its business applications on Vista, then move forward with it. Otherwise use your Vista licensing in backward compatibility to deploy XP.

If you go Vista, do yourself and your end users a favour and create the image using "Classic" view as opposed to Aero. That will reduce some of the end user difficulty as the screen will still be somewhat familiar. And make sure that you do full UAT before deployment.

Also, consider doing a tiered deployment. As you are a greenfield, work through departments or work groups in numbers of no more than 100 at a time. Your help desk will thank you for this and it will give you time to do desk side assistance on day one. Take on your mobile users last.

SP1 for Vista will be available soon. Wait until it is released and do your testing against the service pack.

Happy Migrating!

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to The question you need to ...

TT has a great point. If you do go with Vista, try to hold off until SP 1 is released (this quarter?). Regarding testing applications, XP and Vista both have a feature NT didn't have. You can set an application to run in a "backward compatibility" mode you can try if the app doesn't initially run. Right-click on the .exe file, go to Properties, Compatibility tab, and specify a version of Windows to semi-emulate.

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by james.simmonds In reply to Upgrade from NT4 to Vista ...

Thanks for the replies so far, I am looking to create 2 builds, 1 XP and 1 Vista, the main reason for this will be for the application testing work. IBM do not have an official client access tool for Vista but do say how to get it to work.

There are 2 quite critical application that we know will not work on XP or Vista and at the moment my personal feeling is to present them through a virtual NT4 Desktop.

There is going to be a lot of change because we are also on Office 97 ! looking to 2007 in the new world.


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Three questions.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thanks

Burial or cremation?
Do we send flowers or make charitable contribution in your memory?
Is the service family only or can friends attend?

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Go XP ,

by pgm554 In reply to Upgrade from NT4 to Vista ...

Vista in a word ,sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are just too many issues with that turdball of an OS.

If you want a nice,clean ,stable OS ,it's XP that you want.

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