Upgrade from OEM XP Home to Full Version XP Pro

By mhpriest ·
I have a client who had a dell and lost every piece of software that came with it. Well the family along with multiple viruses hosed the OS and would not boot.

Client bought full version of XP Pro and would like to just upgrade, hopefully saving his documents.

Can this be done? Any special treatment?


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Sorry, no....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Upgrade from OEM XP Home ...

If he purchased the full version of XP Pro, there is no upgrade path. The full version will not allow an "upgrade". If he had purchased an upgrade, then yes, it should upgrade. But, FULL is FULL.... there is no upgrade path.

You'll have to copy all of his documents and files off to external storage, then wipe the drive and start over.

Before you do that, be sure you have drivers for everything saved externally as well, from the motherboard on up to the video/sound and anything else which is installed in the computer.

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Yeah but....

by shasca In reply to Upgrade from OEM XP Home ...

I would use the original CD and do a Repair to get the system up enough to get to the data for recovery or the Pro CD. (if that is the only way you can access the data).
Then do a clean format and install with the Pro CD.
If you upgrade as indicated above,you will more than likely inherit all the previous problems, and not be happy with the PC's performance

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Yes it can be achieved but it is very unlikely to work correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Upgrade from OEM XP Home ...

You can do what is called a Repair Install by following the directions here but only if you have a M$ Made Install Disc if you have a Dell Recovery Disc you Can Not use this method.

Do Not Format the HDD or all of the Data will be lost. But if the previous OS is heavily infected the likelihood of this actually allowing the system to load let alone boot is remote.

What you need to do is remove the HDD from the computer fit it to a USB Caddy and then connect it to a Protected Computer that can read this HDD and copy all of the Data off the Drive to some decent Backup Media where you can recover it latter.

After you have all of the Data Backed up you need to Wipe the HDD with a Utility like Boot & Nuke

And wipe the HDD completely destroying any sign of infections that are on the HDD. This will require several hours to complete as it writes zeros to every sector of the HDD overwriting everything on it. If you just Format the HDD with the Full Format it only writes to every Third Sector leaving 2/3 of the HDD untouched and the ability for infections to reappear.

If you use the Quick Format Option available in XP this only rewrites the Partition Table Information and doesn't touch the remaining Disc Area so this is even more likely to have a reinfection occur.

So basically you need to copy the Data off the Drive with a heavily Protected OS or one that isn't affected by Windows Viri, wipe the HDD and then reinstall from scratch to a blank HDD just like was done when this was first built.


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