Upgrade from Windows2000server to windows2003 server

By kiranchinnu ·
Hi all,

First of all I thank everyone on tech republic for such a good forum which helps me to enhance the my knowledge and troubleshooting skills from day to day.

I have a situation in my office now. We have total 14 servers in 4 sites , 3 in UK and 1 in France. Main site is the site where I work in UK and I have main domain controller as well in the same place.

I have one server on windows 2000 @ other site which is HP PROLIANT ML350
I want to upgrade to server 2003 . This acts as back up domain controller and also local dc. This server acts as DHCP, DNS, WINS, FILE AND PRINT for that subnet. And also it runs applications like veritas backup exc ver 10 . Also I have exchange server 2003 running in that site.

Will it be straight forward upgrade???? how much time it is expected ???? Will every service will be up and running on own or should I do anything??? Will exchange server automatically detect this dc???? How are users going to get affected????

Help on these questions is appreciated


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Upgrading Windows

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Upgrade from Windows2000s ...

1. Yes, the upgrade is pretty straight forward. It will require a reboot once or twice.
2. A hour or two at most
3. Probably, but check anyway.
4. If its a DC, make sure you do an ADPREP if its the first 2003 DC otherwise it should work fine.
5. If there is more than one DC for the domain and there is more than one Global Catalog server, users should be ok but access to resources may be slower if they have 'connected' to the backup DC than the main one.

Personally, I would do the upgrade out of office hours.

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some more concerns...

by kiranchinnu In reply to Upgrading Windows

Thank you very much for the reply,
I have few more doubts but first i will let u know abt ur points.

1 # ok
2 #ok
4# this is not first 2003 dc , this will be last one to do . there are other three dc's running on 2003 already. Still do i need to run ADPREP?
5# as i am doing on weekend , this will be not matter .

Now my doubts :-
1.should i stop any services before i do upgrade?
2. will all application like veritas will be working fine once its upgraded.
3. there is exchange server in this site which works on 2003 , will it rec this upgrade on its own or should i do anything ????
4.should i install dhcp, dns , wins again?

Pls answer .
Help is very much appreciated.

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This may be of some assistance to you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to some more concerns...
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by p.j.hutchison In reply to some more concerns...

1. To be on the safe side I would, esp Exchange as you do not want it doing work in the middle of an upgrade. Stopping the Information Store would be enough.
2. As long as its not doing any backups, I'd leave it.
3. See above
4. No, they should be fine.

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thank you

by kiranchinnu In reply to Services

Thank you all for suggestion .

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