Upgrade hardrive to larger one

By netman2005 ·
Whats the best way to upgrade to a larger disk
drive.Without to reinstall again? Running winxp

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Utility Disk

by TheChas In reply to Upgrade hardrive to large ...

If you buy a retail package hard drive, it should come with a utility disk.

Install both hard drives and boot to the utility disk.

Then, there should be an option to setup your disk.

Partition the new drive and format it as a boot volume.

Then, use the copy utility to copy your old drive.

Exit the utility and shut the system down.

Shut down the computer and configure the drives so the new drive is the master or only drive.

Your system should boot up.

If you buy a white box or OEM drive, you will need to download the utility from the drive manufacture and burn it onto a bootable CD.

If this is a laptop, you will need to temporarily install 1 drive into a drive enclosure.


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Post Deleted

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Upgrade hardrive to large ...
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First you have to check that your computer can support a larger drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Upgrade hardrive to large ...

If it can you need to run the required items that may be required like a BIOS Flash and then purchase the Bigger Drive. You Can Not just bung in a big drive and expect it to work you need to look at the computer and see what it can support.

If it is a IDE Drive you need to work within the limits of the BIOS if you have a SATA Drive you can generally speaking use any size drive you want. If you plan on replacing a IDE Drive with a SATA Drive you may be required to reinstall all of the system again as the SATA Driver that allows the system to work will not be present on the IDE Drive.

When you are sure that you can install a bigger drive all that is required is to Clone the Drive with either a Utility Program from th Drive Maker or a Program like Ghost or Acronis True Image. Which are both pay for applications or you can use one of the free Disc Cloning Utilities that are listed here. As i have never used any of these I have no idea how well that they work



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