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Upgrade Instructions of Unified Communications Manager 6.0(1) to 6.1(2)

By fiestas.cesar ·
The following notes were taken from my personal field notes.

*Upgrade time from the time you insert the DVD containing the correct ios files: 1hr 15minutes to 1hr 20minutes (per server)
*ISO file url link:
*The following notes were created using a vmware machine as well a cluster of 2 unified communications servers with version 6.0(1).
*This upgrade notes correspond to an upgrade conducted while UCM was in operation/production
*Downtime : Between 5 to 10minutes depending on your UCM hardware configuration.
*This upgrade notes correspond to an upgrade conducted on a cluster containing multiple locales.
Step 1.
-Adquire a blank DVD
Step 2.
-Create a folder in your computer.
For example (Upgrade-ucm), this is the folder that you will use to save the 2 files that you are going to download from
Step 3
-Visit the above Cisco url in order to download the proper files and save them into the appropriate folder in your pc.
Step 4
-Once you have succesfully downloaded the 2 files needed to upgrade UCM proceed to the next step.
Step 5
-Go to your computer and open CMD
In CMD navigate to the folder containing the 2 upgrade files
Step 6
-Once in the folder enter the following command
B UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.sgn.iso_part1of2+UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.s
gn.iso_part2of2 UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.sgn.iso
Once the windows task has been completed, your cmd screen will look something like this
C:\Documents and Settings\Cesar Fiestas\My Documents\Software\Upgrade-ucm>COPY /
B UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.sgn.iso_part1of2+UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.s
gn.iso_part2of2 UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.sgn.iso
1 file(s) copied.

C:\Documents and Settings\Cesar Fiestas\My Documents\Software\Upgrade-ucm>

Now please proceed to the next step
Step 7
-Procced to write the image to the DVD
The image file name should be UCSInstall_UCOS_6.1.2.1000-13.sgn and it should be located in the same folder that contains the 2 files that you downloaded from
I used ImgBurn and it work great.
Step 8
-At this point we are ready to upgrade our Cisco Unified Communications Manager Servers. Of coure I highly recommend you to back up your UCM configurations first.
We will start first with our Publisher Server.

Please visit the Cisco Unified CM Administration page of the publisher.
Navigate to the Cisco Unifed OS Administration
-Proceed to login
-Select the Software Upgrade Tab
-Select the Install/Upgrade Tab
-Insert DVD on the publisher.
-Under Software location select DVD
-Under Directory Enter the path location of the our ISO file which in our case should be

-Select Next

-Select Next
-In this screen you will have the option to either select to "auto reboot after the upgrade is complete" or "not to reboot the server after the upgrade process has been complete".
-In our case we wanted to minimize our downtime window as well we had an outage window of approx 15 minutes. Meaning that when the upgrade process was running in both servers while our UCM cluster was operational all we had to do once the upgrade proccess was completed succesfully was only to reboot our UCM servers accordinally.
-If you choose to auto reboot after the upgrade process was completed then the servers will reboot after the process is completed
-After aproximately 15 to 20 minutes the DVD will eject automatically(although the upgrade process will continue) in which time you can proceed to use the DVD to start the upgrade process in your Subscriber.
Step 9
-UCM will print a message on your screen stating that the upgrade process status is now complete.
Step 10
-SSH to the publisher, login and enter the following command
admin: show version active

this command will show you the current active version running in your UCM

admin:show version inactive

this command will show you the version of UCM running in the inactive partition

which now that the upgrade process has been completed it should be

Inactive Master Version:
After that you have indeed verified the active and inactive versions of UCM procceed to the next step.
Step 11
-In my case I had a cluster of 2 UCM servers a PUB and a SUB
To minimize risks I waited for the SUB upgrade process to finish. Once the SUB upgrade process was completed I SSH to the Sub and verify the versions using the same commmands.
I then proceeded to connect my KVM to the Sub server and I unplug the network cable.
Step 12
-On the Pub Using the SSH console I proceeded to issue the following command
admin :utils system switch-version
enter yes
-It will take approx 3 to 6 minutes for the Pub Server to auto restart, The pub server should now boot using the new version.
Step 13
-Once the Publisher server has fully complete the Boot process, Using a KVM that was plugged to the Sub server I procceeded to enter the following command.
admin:utils system switch-version
This command will have the same effect as on our Publisher server.
The subcriber server should now boot using the new Cisco Unified Communications version.

This Document was created by Cesar Fiestas

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