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Upgrade NOS related to Novell viability

By borrim ·
Our company is in the process of making a choice to either upgrade to Novell 5.1 or move to Windows 2K. Our upper management feels that Novell as a company may not be around in 5 years. What is the general feeling among technical people regarding Novell's viability?

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re: Novell viability

by REH in Georgia In reply to Upgrade NOS related to No ...

Just my opinion:

Stay with Windows. Why? Simplicity. Not so much simplicity in adminstration...god knows nt can drive you crazy...but simplicity in cohesion. If you choose Netware, then you choose NDS. NDS is a FINE, FINE product! We use it. But,should you decide to run a Windows based application that relies on Windows security, you'll want to use Novell's "NDS Authentication Services" (formerly NDS for NT) to redirect NT security calls to the NDS tree, so your users won't have to double-authenticate, and you won't have to maintain dual userids for them. That adds another layer that you must handle. We use NDS for NT, and it sometimes just stops working on certain servers, and we must restart them...and nobody knows why. And, then there's Novell Client32 software which should just be taken out and causes enumerable problems with our 95/98/nt/2k clients.

For me, it's not a matter of who's fastest, purest, most secure, most innovative, most's trying to adhere to the KISS principle...keep it simple, stupid.

Just my opinion.

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Stick with the better technology

by Russell Cohen In reply to re: Novell viability

I have to disagree. Stick with the better technology (Novell's) and the economics will take care of itself. Half Novell's current woes (apart from p***-poor marketing) have been caused by organisations taking a position on the company's financial viability, which eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
My experience is that - even in a mixed environment running both NetWare (for file and print services) and NT (for application services), the NetWare environment (including NDS for NT) can be left to pretty much take care of itself, while the NT environment soaks up the support resources.
By the way, I think NDS for NT is now called NDS Account Management. NDSAS is a separate product.
Novell has also released its public Beta of the Native File Access Pack, which should do away with the need for the Novell Client software.
Once again, go with the better technology. If not, then you should also be betting against Cisco, Oracle, Lucent, etc., who are also going through roughfinancial patches.

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What's really important

by rjjodoi In reply to Stick with the better tec ...

I believe that the NOS that you decide to go with (NT/w2k/XP or Netware or even Linux) really isn't the issue anymore. Because of Novell's multi-platform support with eDirectory, and DirXML managing and administering the network will be much easier. If your not familiar with Novell's OneNet initiative you should check out their site. A couple things you should check out is "Zero day start and Zero day stop" and "Single Sign-on". They are part of Novell's OneNet initiative.

There are a couple of thing that I believe. First, the huge benefits that an enterprise stands to gain from implementing a Directory Service is hard to explain or to understand. Second, if your going to implement a Directory Service the you need to choose a Directory Service that is cross platform and open standards. If I'm not mistaken there is only one - eDirectory. From what I've read, Microsoft's .NET initiative, is neither cross platform, open standards or even fully understood.

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