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Upgrade of server

By jbeaucaire ·
I have been charged with finding out how to upgrade our PC Server. It is a P3 workstation running Windows 2000 Server. With about 15 users. The users store their infomation from Excel, Lotus 123 and Word.

The powers to be want to upgrade to a true server that will take them into the future 2-3 years and allow for growth.

Any ideas that can get me started would be great. Thanks

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by Boli In reply to Upgrade of server

Intel XEON dual board with 2x 2.8Ghz will do the job! maybe 1/2GB RAM?

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by Boli In reply to

maybe some SCSI or SATA hard drives at 10000RPM should go the job. your motherboard needs gigabit LAN obviously.

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by Richard.McKinney In reply to Upgrade of server

First step is to pick a vendor that you are comfortable with. I know this is different from what most consultants say. The new server offerings are really very similar, both in capability and price. The difference really is supportability. I have worked in both IBM and Compaq shops (very large installs). I recommend the compaq, but if you are more comfortable with the Dell or IBM folks, go that way.

I recommend that you select what your expected server life is, and plan on what you need then. National average for data growth was 40%/year the last time I looked. Plan on that as your factor.

Single processor would work, dual is better. Get 1024mb of RAM per CPU. Definately plan on RAID-5, and a chassis with room to grow (a 1-U chassis may work now, but has no room to grow. Don't forget a way to back it all up.


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