Upgrade or Reinstall

By rgaudette ·
I currently running windows 2000 Pro. I want to change to Windows XP Pro. I see that there are both upgrades available and also re-install versions. Will a re-install over-write Windows 2K/Pro or must I get the upgrade.

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It's not reinstall

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Upgrade or Reinstall

it's different software, so an install.
Complete wipe and clean install is always my recommendation, upgrades tend be as flaky as ****. They usually look like they worked and then a few months later you upgrade an app, install a new one or some such and the entire thing goes nipples up on you. Usually this means you end up with clean install anyway.

Burn all your data off to cd/dvd.
Download a suitable software firewall, and AV at least.
Make sure you have any drivers you need.
Do it off line get the firewall and av installed, then you can go back on the net and do the updates, patches and get the missing bits.
Then do a restore point, and start loading in your apps and data.

Its' a bit of a performance but alot less work than trying figure out an an intermittant access violation or BSOD.

Another option if you have the money and bit of hardware knowledge, is to buy a new hard drive set it to be the master and install XP on that.
A third and you can google instructions, if you have enough free space (or can make enough (60gb I think) would be to set it up to dual boot.

That way you can keep both OS's until you are happy, an upgrade will invalidate your 2k license.

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