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upgrade to P4

By lmhloca ·
I wish to upgrade my computer set of IBM NetVista A30 (Intel celeron 1.8G, 128MB, 40G) to Pentium 4 and wonder if this can done and whether it's worth to do it or not. Please advise and many thanks for giving details to convert.

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by DougRoswell In reply to upgrade to P4

It will be a constly affair. First off you probally have SD RAM so you will have to upgrade to DDR RAM. whith the price of computer systems these days, it may be cheeper to end up buy a new system, it will likely come with a bigger drive plus it will have at least 128MB DDR RAM. That is just my opinion though, good luck in your decision.

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by TheChas In reply to upgrade to P4

First, you did not provide enough data to look up your PC on IBM's site.

We need the family, type, and model to get the specifications.

I suspect that you have limited CPU upgrade options.
IBM should have a document listing what CPUs will function properly in your system.
If not, you need to find the socket type, Front side buss frequency and maximum multiplier supported.
Then, you need to look at the various CPUs that Intel offers, and see what your options are.

When shopping for a new CPU, you need to verify that it is for the correct socket type, and the correct Intel model for your system.

My gut feeling is that you are likely limited to a 2.4 GHz P IV.

As to whether or not this will be an improvement depends on how you use your PC.

If for web browsing and word processing, you will not see much improvement.
If for CADD, high end games, or Digital video, a CPU upgrade might be worth it.

As far as bang for the buck, increasing your RAM is a much better investment.
If you are running Windows 2000 or XP, install as much RAM as the system can hold.
For Windows 98 or Me, stop at 384MB.


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by wlbowers In reply to upgrade to P4

Dell is offering a P4 2.2gig with 17" monitor, free extra optical drive, speakers, ext warranty, ect for $499 after a $100 mail in rebate.

As has been stated I don't think you will be able to upgrade the motherboard you have. So assuming that your case can accept a P4 motherboard lets look at the comparison cost.

We will use the 2.2 gig to compare with the Dell.
I tend to stay with major brand boards. Epox, Intel, Asus, Ect.

You can get a Intel mb with 2.2gig cpu, fan and Heatsink for $272.80 that includes shipping.

512meg stick of memory will probably run around $100.00

P4 cpu's dc requirements are serious so I doubt if your power supply will handle it. You need at least a 400 watt supply. Around $12.00 with shipping.

So lets add it up.

$ 12.00
Total $384.80

Dell $499.00 after rebate
Difference $115.00

And don't forget you get a new 17" monitor.

If it was me I would sell what I have on ebay and buy the Dell.

All prices were taken from pricewatch.com

Hope this helps.


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