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Upgrade to XP or 2000 for home?

By lls ·
I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade my PC from ME to XP or to 2000. I have two hard drives and considered setting up a dual boot. I want to dump ME b/c it locks up too much.

I hate that XP requires you to register, but am afraid that someof my software and hardware won't be 2000 compatible.

Any thoughts on XP Home vs XP Pro or XP vs. 2000? Thanks.

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by TINK In reply to Upgrade to XP or 2000 for ...

Go with 2000. It's stable and reliable. XP is not necessarily a good choice.

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Use 2000

by mrafrohead In reply to 2000

My recommendation is to go with Windoze 2000. If you are on a "always on" internet connection, download the Service Pack 2 update and the Code Red patches and also IIS Lockdown BEFORE you install and put your computer online.

I can say as for XP- I tried it. It lasted a whole two days on my computer. It sucked big time.

If you are only worried about the registration thing though with XP, send me an e-mail and I can help you with that part of it.

Other than that, those are my two cents. I hope that they helped a little bit. I will definately say though, I've been using Windoze 2000 for about two years now and I absolutely love it. It's VERY stable and reliable, and it performs wonderfully. Certain games even play better on it than on Windoze 98SE!!!!

One more little bit of advice before I go. If you are going to use either 2k or XP - I recommend keeping ME on your computer. Make a small partition and install ME on it. Then install 2k on the other partition and 2kwill automatically create a menu so you can pick what OS to boot from. That way you will have a 9x product there in case you run into something that you need to use that won't work on 2k.

Newho - hope it helps


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One last thing to think about...

by mrafrohead In reply to 2000

Here's another point to stay away from XP. Any product that has it's first service pack released BEFORE the damned product even makes it retail - you should be weary of... There's just something wrong about that... I don't know if it's just me ornot, but that's just bull you know what!!!

(Pointing and laughing at Microsh*t) hahahaa

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GO 2K, But

by electronx In reply to One last thing to think a ...

I think the previous two said it about as well as can be said. I've tried both 2K products, and if money isn't tight swing the extra 50+ for Pro. Unless all you are going to do is internet. One other thing, XP OR 2K, unless you are very fortunate, be prepared to shell out for some new hardware and software. As said above, make a 2nd Partition for ME.

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We forgot to mention

by electronx In reply to GO 2K, But

If you are going to make a second partition for ME you will probably have to use FAT32. If you use second hard drive use NTFS for 2K, but be sure you have a good boot loader for second hard drive, or your bios supports selected boot (ie BioStar or such), or you'll end up with the side off switching IDE and power cables as I did on one snafu. Have Fun>>>> MLH

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