UpGrade to XP Pro

By allen-hicks ·
I do not like Vista and would like to install Windows XP Professional OS.
I have a new copy of an upgrade version with a certificate.
I know I cannot upgrade from Vista to XP Pro.
How should I go about installing the XP Pro Operating System?

Can I leave Vista on my computer and still install XP Pro and decide which OS I want to run at boot up. Vista was installed on my computer when I bought it and I do not have a Vista CD.
How would I go about this?

The only software on my computer are the normal software applications that come with Vista Home.
Do I need to format hard drive, if so how do I go about this or is this taken care of in the installation of XP Pro?

Also I may want to install and run a Linux Operating System at some time in the future.
How should I make provisions for this future addition?

I would appreciate any information you all can give me.
I am not a computer tech expert but I have built several computer systems in the past.

My system is described below.

PC Information

Compaq Persario PC
Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU Desktop Processor E2160 1.80 GHz
2.00 GB RAM
320 GB HDD
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
DVD/CD Burner w/ Light Scribe Technology
OS - Windows Vista Home Premium w/ Service Pack 1

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Sure, you seem to have the drive space.

by seanferd In reply to UpGrade to XP Pro



Someone may step in and give you a direct tutorial, but there are many out there already. Go for it!

As to making future allowances for Linux - just save some drive space. Actually, when you install many Linux distros, you'll get a good boot manager (or you can choose a different one and install it later) that will easily control the boot order, defaults, and what choices you get at boot. Actually, you can do things with an open source boot loader that Windows won't let you do with it's boot loader.

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by harolddebruijn In reply to Sure, you seem to have th ...

Just some pointers here:

First look into drive/partition imaging to save anything on the drive.

It's a bit weird trying to 'upgrade' vista home to XP pro, as this is a downgrade.
Since you have an upgrade XP pro you would need a previous, e.g. W2K pro.

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A lot of people still consider it an "upgrade", lol.

by seanferd In reply to upgrade

While technically incorrect, it seems to feel like an upgrade to a lot of folks.

And you're right - if this isn't going to be a multi-boot scenario, back up data, then delete partitions and reformat at install time, as you can't install XP over Vista.

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