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Upgrade Win95 to 98

By ican ·
I have two P1 computers, Win95, IBM clones. Do they have enough power to handle Win98? Can I use soundcards and modems from these machines for a PIII?

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by TheChas In reply to Upgrade Win95 to 98

It depends.
W98 will run on a 486 system. Performance will be "reasonable" IF you install enough RAM.

My experience with a Pentium 233 MMX showed a 10% reduction in performance after switching from W95 to W98SE.

However, my motherboard was limited to 64MB of SDRAM.

IF you can install between 128 and 196MB of RAM, you may get acceptable performance.

As to moving your plug-in cards to a PIII system, it depends.
Are the cards ISA (black socket), or PCI (white socket).
Most newer motherboards have few if any ISA card slots.

Next, make SURE that you can get W98 drivers for the cards.
If you cannot download or locate W98 drivers, you will be better off finding newer cards that have W98 support.


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by HereInOz In reply to Upgrade Win95 to 98

I have installed Windows 98 on a P100 with 64 Mb RAM, but I have to confess that it was not something I would personally want to work with. It ran, and was stable, but did require endless patience for anything to happen.

If you have P1 machines, I would tend to stick with 95, personally, 95b if possible. Keep in mind also that Win98 does suffer from registry bloat, which causes it to run slower as time goes on, so if you put it on a machine that is already fairly slow, things are only going to get worse.

The sound cards and modems will probably work, but no guarantee, as you really haven't told us what type of sound cards and modems. Some PCI modems have problems with the early PCI bus architechture, so it is only a matter of sticking them in and seeing if they are recognised.



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by Finge In reply to Upgrade Win95 to 98

On a Pentium 75, a 2 meg Trident ISA video card, two 1.2 gig drives (two partitions each) with jumpers to cable select, 32 meg Ram, I used Shane Brooks? 98lite Pro 3 (98lite Micro) installer to install 98se with the 95 shell. I redirected 98se?s swap file to the second drive?s first partition, and all program saves to that drive?s second partition. 98se loaded at 92 meg with drivers, leaving plenty of room for programs in 98se?s partition and partition D.

98Lite installs 98se, with selections ranging from ?98Micro? using the Windows 95 shell (which really speeds things up), to 98Lite?s ?Overweight?, without bloat. Shane did a great job creating this program. It?s stable, thin, and fast. I?ve used it to set up or modify many machines running older software that XP has a hard time running.

As for ISA sound cards and NIC?s, 98Lite doesn?t interfere with what drivers 98se can recognize and has drivers for, however, it?s advisable to only have the video card installed during the build. Add the Sound Card next, then possibly a NIC. No modems please. Have the drivers on hand for each of these in case 98se doesn?t have a driver of it?s own to install. Always check for IRQ issues. For a problem free install, Video card in the first ISA Slot, Sound card in the last ISA slot, and the NIC card in between. If you see IRQ conflicts after installs, swapping the NIC first should resolve NIC/Sound Card IRQ problems if any. If you want to be very sure, use a Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA because 98se will auto detect it. 98se can?t detect most ISA Sound Blaster AWE32 or no AWE16 cards. Most ISA NIC?s will require their own drivers and a manual install but I?ve seen 98se pick up on some without additional help.

I don?t get paid for ads and never will. So this information is from experience and from the heart to someone who should know about this option.
Visit Shane?s Website for more information 98Lite:

Enjoy - Robert

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