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    ?up?graded? to exchange2000.


    by bd_iii ·

    Over this past weekend, we ?up?graded? to exchange2000. Since the upgrade toasted all of my distribution lists, I was looking for a way to catch any email that had lost it way, forward it on to the right person, while I rebuild the distribution lists.

    Sounds simple enough: So though that I could have any DNR?s drop into a folder or a mailbox that I can forward them on to the right person. First thought that I had was to set an email address to a public folder or an e-mail account as the postmaster@domainname and have them drop into said folder/box for a day or two, and I could make sure that the distribution lists were rebuilt and the mail would not be lost. One problem unfortunately exchange anointed the account that was logged in asduring the install to be the postmaster@domainname. BUT Exchange will not let me create an e-mail box for that account. I also cannot remove, or forward the e-mail address from that account (Remove and Forwarding are grayed out.) I have also triedadding my email address to the ?Send copy of Non-Delivery Report to? that is in the ?Default SMTP Virtual Server? dialog box and have looked in the ?Badmail directory? that is listed in the same dialog box. (This is EMPTY)! I know that there is DNRmail that has come in, because I have sent email to several bogus e-mail addresses to test it.


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