Upgrading 2 mirrored 36gb to 2 72 gb hdd

By jpangilinan ·
I have a two 36bg scsi hdd that are configured with raid 1(mirrored) on ml 350 g3. now im running out of space and i want to upgrade it with two 72gb hdd, how can i possibly copy the exact data on the first mirrored hdd to a new two 72gb hdd without losing any single files?
tnx in advance

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by Churdoo In reply to Upgrading 2 mirrored 36gb ...

However you duplicate the data onto the larger drives, you'll still have the problem of how to expand the system volume. How many volumes to you have on the array, just a C: drive or more? and do you want to expand the C: drive? If it's the C: drive that you'll ultimately want to expand, then you'll need something like Acronis Disk Director to expand the system volume once you get onto the larger drives.

To migrate to the larger drives, here's one method:
First go into the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) and check the status of the array to be sure it is OPTIMAL.

If the array is optimal, then remove one of the 36GB drives and replace it with one of the 72GB drives. Let the array rebuild onto the first 72GB hard drive. When the array returns to Optimal, i.e. rebuild complete, then remove the second 36GB hard drive and replace it with the other 72GB hard drive. Let the array rebuild again. Once the rebuild is complete and the array is again Optimal, the RAID controller should recognize the additional capacity on the 72GB hard drives as usable. You should now be able to EXTEND your array to utilize this extra capacity.

If you're using a Windows Server O/S, this will only give you a larger DISK, and does not resize the volume(s) you have on the disk. Resizing the volumes that are seen by Windows is now another process. If you have more than one volume on the array (C:, , etc.), you can resize all EXCEPT the system volume with DISKPART. You CANNOT resize the system volume with DISKPART, and for this, again you'll need a product such as Acronis Disk Director to resize the system volume (C:).

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