Upgrading a Bios

By len.piko ·
How do I upgrade a Bios if my laptop won't bootup? During startup the system goes directly to this message "No OS found". I want to be able to reinstall Windows Vista Home. I installed a new DVD Rom and Hard Drive but I still get the above mentioned message. I really don't know what to try next except to upgrade the bios, but since I can't bootup I don't know what to do. Any help with this issue will be appreciated.

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by balge In reply to Upgrading a Bios

don't mess with flashing the BIOS its likely got no bearing on your HDD problem
or do you mean 'change the settings' in BIOS?
Can you boot safe mode?
Have you tried a repair install with your Vista disk? or is this a fresh install?

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Upgrading a Bios

by len.piko In reply to no....

Thanks for your response. This system will not boot any further than the message that I referred to. Any more suggestions will be welcome.

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Check your manual

by IC-IT In reply to Upgrading a Bios

There usually is an option for either pressing a key to enter boot options or going into the BIOS setup and changing the boot order.
Then simply place your OS CD into the drive and watch for the press any key to boot the CD. It is quick so keep your eyes open.

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Upgrading a Bios

by len.piko In reply to Check your manual

Thanks for your response. I have already tried all of this. It doesn't matter what cd I insert into the dvd rom. I tried using the Vista Home OS disk,Ultimate Boot Disk and E-Z Install Disk. None of these will bootup so I can reinstall Vista. Any more suggestions will be welcome.

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If none of these will boot up............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Upgrading a Bios

.... and you KNOW for a fact the CD/DVD's are bootable because they work in another computer, it's either going to be a dead drive, bad jumper, bad cable or bad controller on the motherboard. Try changing out the CD/DVD drive.

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Your BIOS is working or you would not get anything at ALL..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Upgrading a Bios

What it means by "No OS found", is that you have not loaded on the Windows system disk, or if you have, it has not found the correct drivers in the MBR section of the HDD. But first things first:

1). What make and model is your laptop?
2). How much ram has it?
3). What make of HDD do you have, I:E, IDE or SATA?
If you have a SATA drive then you will need to insert your motherboards driver disk in the CD/DVD drive and re-boot your laptop. You will see the SATA drivers, one being 32 BIT (of which you will press the number one on your keyboard) and 64 BIT of which the key number is 2.
You will need a floppy for this, so insert your floppy and then press number one (1) or (2), depending on which BIT software you have. Normally this will be a 32 BIT Os, so press the number one (1) on your keyboard, then insert your floppy and press the "enter" key, it will now copy the SATA drivers onto the floppy. Now take out the floppy, put in your Windows system disk amd re-boot, when you see "third party drivers, press F6", PRESS F6 key on your keyboard and then insert your floppy you made earlier, and then press "emter", Windows will now copy the SATA drivers into its operating system. Hope this helps you out.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Bios Upgrade

by len.piko In reply to Your BIOS is working or y ...

Thanks for your response Peconet. This is a Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop with 1gb ram. It has a SATA Hitachi 120gb hard drive. I am unable to boot from any disk without getting the message "No Operating System Found" and then the system does nothing else.

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Ok, this is from a manual from DELL

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Bios Upgrade

You will find everything you need in this manual, so please read this to sort out your problem first. If all fails then i would say your HDD has gone/failed. Get a new HDD and start again.
Hope it all works out for you.

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User Upgrade

by TheChas In reply to Upgrading a Bios

Not to be nasty, but it does sound like we need to upgrade your knowledge.

As you installed a new hard drive, it is NORMAL for the computer to boot up and give you a no OS found message.

You need to install Vista from the original or recovery DVD for your system.

For laptops in particular, the recovery disk that comes with the system may only boot up the system and install the programs from the recovery partition on the hard drive.

You may need to contact tech support at the laptop manufacture and pay for a set of recovery disks so that you can install Vista and your applications on your new hard drive.

As to the DVD drive, the question would be does the BIOS recognize the drive? And, will it work with your system?

There should be a key to press to enter BIOS setup. On my laptop, it is F2. You will need to consult your user manual to find out what key to use.
Once you are in BIOS setup, you can verify that the BIOS recognizes your hard drive and DVD drive.
You may need to change the boot options so that the BIOS can boot from the DVD and allow you to install Vista.

The support page at the website for your laptop may have detailed instructions on how to install Vista and your applications from the restore disks.

I hope you have back up copies of your data, account settings, and any product keys for your software.

If all else fails, spend a few dollars at the local computer repair shop and have them install Vista for you.


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Upgrading a Bios

by len.piko In reply to User Upgrade

There is no need for any rude comments. I know that there will be no OS on a new hard drive. The reason I purchased it was because I received the same message on the old hard drive that did have an OS on it. This is because I thought maybe the old hard drive was bad. As for your other suggestions; I already tried them with no success.

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