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Upgrading Award Bios

By jdold52 ·
I'm upgrading an older PII/PIII 366Mhz PC for a friend. I'm trying to upgrade their hard drive to a 40 GB, But the bios is too old. The bios string on the pc is as follows;i440bx/zx-w97-2a69ksnhc-00. My research indicates motherboard is made by Soltek. I have the latest Award flashbios utility, but I need the file name. The pc is currently running Award v4.51. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've run into a brick wall.

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Upgrading Award Bios

by TheChas In reply to Upgrading Award Bios

The primary question, is this a retail or OEM motherboard?

If it is an OEM, your only source for an updated BIOS is the original PC manufacture.

Otherwise, use the links at www.motherboards.org to try and match the motherboard with a specific model at Soltek's web site.


Then verify that the updated BIOS does correct the large hard drive limit.

CAUTION: Unless you are CERTAIN that you have identified the EXACT correct motherboard, DO NOT flash the BIOS.
Using the wrong BIOS code can completely disable the PC.

I usually install a PCI IDE controller card to get past any BIOS drive size limits.
For under $30 (US) you not only get past the large drive limit, you get 2 more high speed IDE channels.
I suspect that this motherboard has an UDMA 33 IDE controller.
A PCI IDE card will take full advantage of the ATA100 or 133 transfer rate of the new drive.

Alternately, use the drive manufactures BIOS overlay software as a work-around.

Again, DO NOT flash the BIOS unless you are positive that you have a new version of the BIOS code for the specific motherboard that you have.


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Upgrading Award Bios

by pctech In reply to Upgrading Award Bios

The motherboard manufacturer, model number, and revision number should be found on the motherbaord. Once you have this information you can go to the manufacturer's website and download the correct bin file for the specific motherboard. The manufacturer's website will have a BIOS download for the motherboard.
This is the link for Soltek's website:

Whenever you flash the BIOS make certain that you follow ALL of the manufacturer's directions and do not skip any steps.(There should be a "readme" file along with the download). It is also best to have the computer on a good UPS, in the event of a power failure.

I hope this helps.

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Upgrading Award Bios

by pctech In reply to Upgrading Award Bios

typo - correct website for Soltek is:

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Upgrading Award Bios

by GuruOfDos In reply to Upgrading Award Bios

To check for upgrades for Award or AmiBios machines, goto www.wimsbios.com which has a very comprehensive list of all the BIOS ID's and links to sources to download upgrades.

This site allows you to search for Award or Ami BIOS ID strings and identify the exact version of the bios and determine whether it is a genuine retail board OR an OEM tweaked item.

If you cannot get a BIOS update, then if the drive is a Maxtor or Western didgital, go to the respective web-sites (www.maxtor.com, www.westerndigital.com) and download MaxBlast3 or Data Lifeguard Tools. You will be able to create a floppy disk which adds an 'overlay' to the systems boot sector, allowing large drives to be used on non-compliant BIOSes.

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