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Upgrading Exchange 2k3 Std to Enterprise - How to increase storage limits?

By ObiWayneKenobi ·
hello all,

My company uses Exchange 2003 Standard and we have now reached the 16GB maximum; it's causing our email to crash! We've upgraded temporarily using a trial version of Exchange Enterprise, but we're still stuck at the 16GB limit?? is there something else we need to do in order to increase the storage after upgrading to Exchange 2003 Enterprise?? Please help!

Thanks in advance,


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Upgrading Exchange 2k3 Std to Enterprise - How to increase storage limits?

by gkrew In reply to Upgrading Exchange 2k3 St ...

You have to do an offline defrag of your database using the ESE Utility.

Visit the following link for more information

Note that the length of time that the defragmentation will take will depend on the amount of white space in the database, as well as the size of the transactions recorded in the database, and your hardware specifications.

Offline defragmentation creates a new database by copying all records and tables from the old database into the new database. Because this is a copy, defragmentation requires free disk space equal to the size of the database (actually, you'll need 110% of free space).

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SP2 should help

by Tiffany2 In reply to Upgrading Exchange 2k3 St ...

An offline defrag should buy you some time and, if Microsoft ever releases it, Exchange 2003 SP2 increases the maximum store size from 16GB to 75GB so you shouldn't have to upgrade.

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Eseutil, exmerge, SP2

by Stelian In reply to Upgrading Exchange 2k3 St ...

If you haven't done that already - the offline defrag (eseutil) could shrink your database a lot. Also, you could use exmerge to export and then delete messages older than x months.

After the Exchange SP2 is realeased, your database size will be 75 gigs and you can import the exported messages back.

I didn't know about the SP2 thing and just spent 5 grands on the Entreprise Edition.

However, I'm not sure if you can go back from Entreprise (demo) to Standard...

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