Upgrading from NT domain to A DNS question

By d.elder ·
We are currently on a NT domain connecting to the internet through a fiber connection. All of our workstations and servers have static IPs and have our ISP's external DNS servers set as their DNS servers.

We will be demoting our PDC, promoting a secondary, removing it from the network and plugging it into a hub, then upgrading to Win Server 2003, and reattaching to the network.

I know we need to set all of the other computers we setup as DCs to point to our internal DNS server, but my question is:
Do the other none-domain controller machines (ie servers on the domain, and desktops, laptops, etc) need to have our internal DNS server set as their DNS server, or can they remain pointed to the external ISP DNS and still properly see/add to the domain?

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Additional question

by d.elder In reply to Upgrading from NT domain ...

I have since found the answer I was looking for on MS. Figures I would 5 minutes after posting...
It did confirm for me that the workstations need to have the internal DNS server set as their DNS server, when we would set DNS forwarding on our DNS server.
However, that begs another question: since all of our workstations are set to an external DNS server, is there a way to have that change to the internal server forced or will we have to manually change on each computer?

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by Churdoo In reply to Additional question

You essentially have to touch every workstation to change the DNS setting since they're all static right now. There's probably a way you can connect to each one's registry and force the change remotely and/or via script, but I can't tell you exactly how to do that at the moment.

Absent of an automated method of changing those static IP settings, if you have to touch every workstation to make this change, then it sounds like a good time to implement DHCP so that subsequent changes (and there will be more changes) can be done without such hassle.

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I wish...

by d.elder In reply to DHCP

I would love to set them all to DHCP, unfortunately we have 3rd party software that requires static IP addresses so we know which computers are which.

So sounds like it will be the long road for us.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Go DHCP anyway

by Fregeus In reply to I wish...

You can configure your DHCP to give a specific address to specific workstations. Its called reservations. It works with the mac address which is unique to every workstations.

That way, if ever you need to make another enterprise wide change, you just need to change the DHCP settings even though the station have static IPs.

Good luck

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