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Upgrading from nt4 to server 2003

By boomio ·
I've spent weeks looking around the net for a simple solution to this problem, but I cant find one. I know its probably very simple, but this is my first time doing anything with server upgrades and the likes.
We have got a simple nt4 server network; pdc, bdc, email and a couple of other member servers that dont have to be upgraded yet!!
We have got in two new servers, one to handle AD, wins, dhcp, print and file services(DNS gets forwarded to our ISP) and the other the handle the email server.
I am not worried about the email at the moment, just want to migrate the other stuff.
But every guide I see uses the upgrade route(install nt4 on a machine as bdc, the promote it and upgrade to 2003. then do the rest). Any guides to using admt seem to insist that have to have dns running on your network before you upgrade.
I just want a couple of pointers on how to migrate from nt4 to 2003. Our current nt4 pdc handles users, printers and files and our nt4 bdc handles dhcp and wins. These are all to migrated on to one 2003 server.
All help would be greatly appreciated

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by lowlands In reply to Upgrading from nt4 to ser ...

First of all, you WILL need DNS on your new 2003 servers. Active Directory requires it. You'll only be using it to resolve the names of your AD servers, and possibly your clients. You'll have to point all your PC's to this 2003 server as their primary DNS server. Then you'll have to set up the DNS server to forward all requests outside of your domain to your ISP's DNS server.

The upgrade route is recommended for the simple reason that you'll not have to migrate your users/computers. There's no real need to migrate WINS since it will be autopopulated anyway. And if your clients are W2000 or above you might not really need it anymore.

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by boomio In reply to Upgrading from nt4 to ser ...

So to get dns going on the 2003 box, do i just install it, Get it to point to the isp of the dns and use wins? Or have I over simplified the process?

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by boomio In reply to Upgrading from nt4 to ser ...

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