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Upgrading from NT4.0 to 2003 Server

By weigm ·
I have 3 servers, 2 of them NT4 and 1 Windows 2000. One of the NT4 servers is currently the PDC. The other NT4 server is the BDC. I want to totally replace it with a new Windows 2003 server, using the same name and IP number. At some point, I want to start using Active Directory. Any recommendations on making this upgrade?

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Upgrading from NT 4.0 to 2003 Server - No issues

by Roland D'souza In reply to Upgrading from NT4.0 to 2 ...


I had almost exactly the same environment (3 NT 4.0 domain controllers). I did the upgrade from NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory in January this year and have had no issues at all ever since.
I kept the same IP addresses (ease the DHCP/DNS/WINS pain) but changed the names of the servers to reflect the new environment.
Are you buying new hardware for both Domain Controllers (that's what I did). If you are, my recommendation would be as follows:
1. Install one of the new machines (let's call it ADDC2) as a NT 4.0 BDC, promote it to become the PDC, upgrade it to 2003 and run DCPROMO on it.
2. Shutdown the NT 4.0 PDC and use the IP address for ADDC2
3. Install 2003 on the second new machine (let?s call it ADDC1) and run DCPROMO on it.
4. Shutdown the NT 4.0 BDC and use the IP address for ADDC1
5. Transfer all FSMO roles to ADDC1
6. Rebuild ADDC2 so there are no traces of NT 4.0 in the registry and directory structure.
Of course, depending on the roles the servers have (or will have) you might have some additional steps. Let me know if you need any guidance

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Problems with NT to 2003 upgrade

by weigm In reply to Upgrading from NT 4.0 to ...


After a battle with a SPAM flood, I'm back on track to do this upgrade. So far I have replaced the old NT server with a new NT server. It has the same name and IP address as the old server. It is the PDC now. I restored all the data from the previous server and set up all the shares again. However, I have a few (not all) Windows 98 pc's that cannot connect to this server. They can connect to my other NT server and see all it's shares but not on the server I replaced. Has anyone run into this problem and might have some idea what is causing it? Thanks!

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Why Can't it work on my HP Server?

by gwehe In reply to Upgrading from NT 4.0 to ...

I havr tried the same thing you did and my HP Proliant ML370-G3 Server w/Raid 5 keep BSOS'ing on me after the initial 2003 setup/upgrade... I have to keep going back to NT40SP6a OS just to keep my domain alive. Does anyone have any tricks to keep out the BSOD's?

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How much prep work did you do before the upgrade?

by XT John In reply to Why Can't it work on my H ...

I updated an HP Netserver with a few bumps. First, there's a utility you can run prior to the upgrade that's on the install disc to check your hardware and drivers. We had an incompatible RAID driver that needed to be updated. Second, there was a problem related to the DNS naming of the old domain controller (Microsoft article 257623). I remember a fellow techie recently saying there is a Microsoft migration tool designed to ease bringing an NT server up to 2003. Before that, I remember having to migrate NT to 2000, then upgrade 2000 to 2003.

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Beed there, done that.... sort of.

by gwehe In reply to How much prep work did yo ...

Initially, I had installed Win2003 Server onto the bare bones system, and it installed just fine on the server.... only to find out it would be much easier to install NT40, upgrade it to current, make the server the PDC and then install W2003 Server as an upgrade in order to bring a "bonafied" domaiin controller into the Domain without too much hassle... this is where I am having the difficulties

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Finially got it done, but more issues abound

by gwehe In reply to Beed there, done that.... ...

Now that we have successfully gotten a W2K3 server on the network at the PDC in mixed mode, the times it takes users from authentication to desktop is EXTREMELY long..... Any ideas anyone?

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