upgrading from single to dual processor - windows 2003

By marcpiazza ·
Greetings - I have a win 2003 server that I just installed a second processor in. It's an old Dell poweredge 1300 that I use mainly for authentication and mass file storage. the bois shows both CPUs are good, but I don't know how to get win 2003 to recognize and use the second processor - I know the second proc prolly won't do much for me performance wise but i'd still like to know how to do this - I beleive I need to change the hal.dll and a couple of other files, but I'm not sure which hal file to use, and which other files need to be changed, and to what - or, can I do a "repair" with the Win 2003 CD without blowing away my AD environment? This server is the DC and only server in my AD -

Any help would be appriciated -

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oh, dear. another MS Gotcha club jacket may be required

by sgt_shultz In reply to upgrading from single to ...

MS says win2k server may not recognise your second processor, depending on your motherboard. if it does, then I believe it is fairly easy to, um, 'upgrade'. without quite a bit more information, i can't look for you. but have a browse around search 'windows server 2003' for 'dual processors' and see what looks like your situation...

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oh, dear. another MS Gotcha club jacket ...

by marcpiazza In reply to oh, dear. another MS Gotc ...

LOL - I'll take a size large please -

Thanks for the info, I've been poking around there and did see something about that but I'm running win 2003 not 2k. Not sure if that even matters tho - but technically speaking now, Win2003 should have picked up on the second proc without me changing the hal or running setupo again?

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'windows server 2003' for 'dual processors'

by marcpiazza In reply to oh, dear. another MS Gotc ...

Yah only has something about multi Pentium Pro or Pentium II procs not working, and their resolution was to contact the manufacturer (uggh) - I have a dual pentium III 550mhz dell Poweredge 1300 (I know, super lame!!!)

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slow down and keep reading Mr Size Large

by sgt_shultz In reply to 'windows server 2003' for ...

read more than the first hit, silly. there is lots more. don't expect me to post answers to your questions if you won't follow the advice given

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