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Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (using upgrade option)

By echo9 ·
Many of you must have tried out Microsoft's Windows 7 which guarantees you of giving a faster day-to-day computing experience.
Now from now on everything in this post is just on a know~how basis.

Today I got myself a copy of Windows 7 installed (upgrade copy) over my previous OEM copy of Vista Home Basic. It took around 3-4 Hours considering the free space given by me on the default installation/upgradation drive which was a mere exact 16GB, I was able to install it successfully.
In order to begin the upgradation process I had to un-install Kaspersky's Antivirus v.7.0 being not supported by Windows 7 also there was a false positive of Zone Alarm's Firewall being installed (free edition) as told by the compatibility check process (just before the actual upgradation process).

The thing was once upon a time I had installed Zone Alarm's Free edition Firewall, being considered the top most firewall throughout the world (I personally prefer Comodo's Personal Firewall which is FREE and comes inbuilt in Comodo Internet Security free/personal edition).

But as soon as I installed ZA's Firewall I got a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), that's blue screen which causes a memory dump in case of a system fault occurs, the cause of the error may be known by analyzing the dumped information. Even the version I installed was enlisted as a "Vista Compatible" version on Zone Alarm's / CheckPoint's Website!

So I had to eventually un-install it at that time.

Coming back to the procedure while installing Windows 7, I quickly googled up this issue as I had already un-installed ZA's (Zone Alarm) Firewall but still my Windows's 7 Compatibility checking process says "Uninstall Zone Alarm".

While googling up I got hold of this little tool(http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/free/support/cpes_clean.exe) which quickly removes any traces of Zone Alarm's softwares left after un-installation of the system.

Actually, you must've guessed by now that some registry keys must have been left after the un-installation, now let me tell you that you are correct BUT due to system files & a installer of Zone Alarm's Firewall which I was keeping in my other partition was also caught by Windows 7 compatibility checking process just shortly after starting the upgrade process.

But at last I was able to get a nice 'n cool experience of Windows 7 installation.

I checked out the physical memory usage, it was just 28% (of my 2.5GB RAM); earlier it was a constant not les than 40% in vista's case)
I had my vista (& now Windows 7) both running in Aero effects disabled; zero themes enabled mode. Even you can try that~feel the difference.

No matter how much pains I took, but infact Win 7 is in realty a **** lot better windows.

Thank you Microsoft! :)

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