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    upgrading from winNT to win2003


    by karim ·

    i have winNT4.0 server i want to upgrading to win2003 server, how can i do that with out loosing any data or nay setting?

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      by sean.watmore ·

      In reply to upgrading from winNT to win2003

      The MS answer to this question is to run the upgrade option from the 2k3 CD. It is a little difficult to provide any additional advise beyond this as you have not specified the role of the server, where it is in the domain (ie PDC, BDC or standalone). This information and where you are in your AD migration will effect your decisions. The text files on the install disk provide some help. You should also review the MS White paper on this KB818623 and this URL provides lots of help

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      by rjames ·

      In reply to upgrading from winNT to win2003

      The short answer is that you cant. Even Answer 1 does not migrate the any(nay) settings onto the new server – you will still HAVE to configure many of the services on the new server from scratch.
      I can only recommend that you take screen prints of each of the necessary configuration screens. Press the ALT and PRT SCREEN buttons on your keyboard to take a snapshot of any current active window and then paste this into wordpad or paint and print them out. I took printouts of all the of the DHCP, DNS and WINS screens from 4 of this schools servers and typed them back into Windows 2003 servers – the language is the same and the setup is similar. I also took 24 pages of the seperate individual network configuration pages.
      Needless to say I still took a ghost backup before I began work and Active Directory deployment is a whole other ballgame but this really did work.

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