Upgrading from XP to 7

By Omaghlad ·
Slick advertising should be better controlled. I keep getting caught for payments to upgrade and then after I have paid to date ?198 and no farther forward.

Id there anywhere one can get the precise truth of what is required to upgrade at home on my PC and a Laptop in a language usung simple honest guideline.

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What language is that?

by Kenone In reply to Upgrading from XP to 7

There is no upgrade path from XP to Win7. You will need to buy a copy of windows 7 and format and install that DVD

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But before you do it

by NexS In reply to What language is that?


It prevents disappointment. Trust me, I know.

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But before spending your money

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What language is that?

You need to download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser to check if your current computer and loaded software will work with 7.

It's available free here

As mentioned previously there is no Upgrade Path from XP to 7.

You need to Install 7 as a new clean install and then reinstall all of your Software. Naturally you will need to apply any Windows 7 Drivers that are not included with the Windows 7 Install DVD. You will also need a DVD Drive on the computer/s that you want to move to Windows 7.

What M$ calls a Upgrade to 7 is not a typical Windows Upgrade it involves a reinstall of the OS and ideally you should wipe the HDD before starting. Though this is not necessary it is better to do a new clean install to a HDD with nothing on it so that there is no chance of any Infections or other junk ending up in the newly installed OS.

As you need to do a Clean Install of 7 you also need to Backup all your Data and this includes not only your Documents, E Mail and any Accounting Data you may have but also any Specialized Programs that store the Data in the Program not the My Documents Folder. Mostly Accounting Apps that I'm aware of but there may be others that are used domestically that I do not get involved with.

You'll also need to Backup your ISP User Name & Password as well as the E-Mail User Name & Passwords and Settings. Not to mention any On Line User Names and Passwords for Sites like Face Book or On Line Auctions Sites/Shopping/Banking.

Changing fro XP to 7 is far more complicated than previous Windows Upgrades for those that stick a Install Disc in and hope for the best. However for those who always do a clean install it's no different to any Upgrade of the past.

You can use Kill Disc to wipe the HDD
and other than running the Upgrade Adviser under XP there is nothing else you need do if you do not wish/need to save anything off the computer/s.

Of course if you want your Data you'll need to backup which is what you should be doing anyway.


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Would it be

by NexS In reply to But before spending your ...

A waste of money or a much need excuse to upgrade hardware?

I know, for me, buying that new game was a push for a new Graphics Card.

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New hardware is OK

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Would it be

But maybe a New OS isn't such a good idea if a lot of your existing games that you like do not run on the new OS.

When I first looked at 7 I gave it to the son and he dumped it immediately because none of his favorite games ran on it.

If nothing else it was a starting point that i always use for new Windows OS's. Gives me some idea of what problems I'll have with Customers Apps.


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by NexS In reply to New hardware is OK

I'm not much into games. In fact, this particular game is the first one I've played in years.
So I figured I might as well get something decent.

As for your clients, they will more than likely have applications that was working back in the NT days (and maybe previous to that as well), so the thought of another new version of Windows would make them cringe.

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Well actually

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Games

One of the places who are Earthmover's incidentally chucked out a M$ Rep when he went there to help them Migrate to Vista.

They are so strongly held to the belief that Vista is Bad and XP is Good that if I even take anything with anything that remotely says Vista or Newer they throw a Hissy Fit and I duck real fast before retreating out the door and removing the Vista Sticker. :0

I've never actually got to the bottom of what the guy from M$ did or what they did to him but if this helps when they have a problem and want a solution they tell me that if I'm not there in a reasonable length of time that they will park a Big Excavator on the problem computer. Since I have seen this done once already I try to get there very fast. I've also been there when they sicked their dog onto a Guy from one of the Machinery Sale Companies because he insulted them with an outrageous price on a bit of plant and was told to go away they would go elsewhere and when he came back the next day with a slightly cheaper price he got introduced to the German Shepard. :^0

Trying to find which bit of Tracked Machinery that they used to destroy the computer is way too difficult and it's not worth the problems in getting new hardware there. They really remind me of the guy who shot his original IBM PC because the Destruction Manual had the wrong directions in it.

However keep them happy and they are really nice and will do anything for you so I try very hard to Keep Them HAPPY. :0


See just how NICE I am. :^0 :^0 :^0

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You're a Saint

by NexS In reply to Well actually

Who needs morals when you have a steady income!
No, I would have no teeth due to grinding my anger away if I had to deal with people like that. Professionalism would come into practice and I'd muscle it out, but I wouldn't like it.


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I actually like that place

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well actually

You know exactly where you stand with the people, there are no Office Politics and if you peeve them off you know that they'll take a swing at you.

Makes a very pleasant change to some of the places where I work. Though I must say it doesn't suit everyone. Like that M$ Rep who went out there. :^0

Silly Boy asked for it too.


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