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    upgrading harddisk


    by pisces_ldh ·

    I have 10gb hard disk with one fat16 primary partation of 1 gb, one primary ntfs partation of 2 gb and an extended partation which is further divdided into two logical drives one drive is on fat32 and other is on ntfs on my computer. I have windows nt 4.0 and windows 98 os installed.
    Now I want to rplace my hardsisk with 20 gb hardisk. How can I replicate entire contents of 10 gb hdd to 20 gb. I don’t want to install everything again.

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      I would use..

      by alex ·

      In reply to upgrading harddisk

      I would suggest using Nortons Ghost. This will make an exact mirror image of the drive. There is also DriveCopy but I prefer Ghost.

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      New HDD

      by d’anno ·

      In reply to upgrading harddisk

      As the previous respondant indicates, both Norton’s Ghost and PowerQuest’s Drive Image are good for this. I have used Drive Image numerous times and it is quite easy. It also has a utility that allows you to connect the second HDD to an IDE port (SCSI?) and create an exact duplicate of the first (boot record and all).

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