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Upgrading Laptop CPU

By nobby4949 ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 running a 1.5MGhz Celeron processor and would like to upgrade to at least a 1.4MHz P4M processor. Is this possible (I called Dell and they said I can go up to a 1.8GHz) but I don't know if I can get just any 1.8GHz Mobile P4 will do or if I can go higher and whether or not I will need to make structrual adjustments to the laptop chassis to compensate for ventilation etc. If anyone know of specifics please let me know. I am getting a great deal 2.2GHz and would really like to upgrade.

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by timwalsh In reply to Upgrading Laptop CPU

The specifics on which processors will work on your computer really needs to be answered by Dell. If Dell says 1.8GHz, that is probably the fastest processor the latest BIOS for this system will support. Since Dell develops their own BIOS, you wouldn't be able to get a BIOS update from elsewhere.

The cooling system already installed is probably sufficient for the faster processor, but again, Dell needs to answer this question.

Is your system still under warranty? If so, trying to upgrade the processor by yourself will probably void the warranty.

Unless you are VERY confident of your ability to properly disassemble and reassemble your laptop, you might be better off paying Dell or a local repair technician to upgrade your system. If you do wish to attempt this yourself, Dell does provide online guides for removing and replacing components for your system.

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