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    upgrading memory of a notebook


    by mxwa_2000 ·

    hi all

    can you tell me why after upgrading memory appears an error message like… memory disk error

    also why is that the MHz are increased if we are just upgrading memory

    is it an uncompatibility issue or is something else??


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      by jrod86 ·

      In reply to upgrading memory of a notebook

      Laptop memory can be very proprietary, Sony is the worst from what I’ve seen. IBM is a little more flexible. You really have to dig to find out what memory is compatible and good luck buying it from anyone but the manufacturer, much less not voiding your warranty.

      It can be done though!

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      settings in BIOS?

      by antuck ·

      In reply to upgrading memory of a notebook

      You may need to go into BIOS and reset the memory speeds. As was mentioned Laptop memory can be difficult to upgrade. But since you are getting a display, I would go into BIOS and check the settings and maybe even load default settings and see if the error message comes back.

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