Upgrading Memory: Vista won't Boot

By adam.hammer ·
I have been running Vista Ultimate for 6months now with no problem. I
ordered 2 gigs of the same exact memory I had installed on my computer to
upgrade my computer from 2gigs to 4. I installed the new memory in the
remaining two slots and tried to boot the computer. I enabled Memory
Remapping on my motherboard, and it recognized all 4 gigabytes of RAM.
However, when I try to boot, windows errors out before I see any load screen
and I either get a message about bad checksums, invalid signatures, or that
some system file is corrupt/missing. When I take the new RAM out it works
fine. I tried going to msconfig, boot.ini, and setting the MAXMEM to 4096,
but that didn't help. I tried installing Microsoft update that addressed
Vista not installing if you had 4 gb of RAM, but that didn't work either.

I tried booting from the DVD, but after Vista loaded into memory, it would
error out as well and never get to the Vista Boot screens.

The specs are:

P5N-e Motherboard
Corsair 5400c4 1gb x 4
Western Digital 320GB HD
Nvidia 8800GTS

Any help would be GREATLY appreciate.


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Some Tests

by willcomp In reply to Upgrading Memory: Vista w ...

Try booting with each of the new modules installed singly. If one boots and the other does not, you have identified faulty module.

If both boot without errors, try them as a pair. For a successful boot with both installed, run memtest86+ and check for errors. Memtest86+ and other useful utilities are on the UBCD.


Post back with results.

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Same Problem in a Dell Workstation

by mara2010 In reply to Upgrading Memory: Vista w ...

I have the same problem in my workstation. I am Still wayting for the memory seller to exchange my memory for the third time.

Do you find a solution.

Please advise.

MA Rodriguez

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Have Same Problem with XP Home to Vista Upgrade

by paul In reply to Upgrading Memory: Vista w ...

Before upgrading to Vista Ultimate I purchased extra memory as 2 x 1gb DDR which I put in before upgrading and everything worked fine under XP. I upgraded to Vista and all appeared fine except that on board audio did not work.
I tried a number of things with drivers and rebooted machine several times to no avail.
Purchased new PCI audio card.
I installed card and made some bios changes to disable on board sound. Before booting with new card as the only change! This is where I went wrong as I did a couple of other changes that I would have been better off tyring later.
A **** broke loose!. I had lots of problems with bios that could only be fixed with battery removal and setting defaults etc. After I got bios stable Vista would not boot. In the end I removed all PCI cards, peripherals, memory etc until all I had was single hdd, graphics card and single 512 mb stick.
I managed to get it to boot in safe mode. Then one by one I installed every device card memory stick until the problem came back. It came back when memory exceeded 2 gb. I tried different combination in different slots ... always fine under 2gb!
I don't think the problem is faulty memory as it was happy when I first started and it was happy when I first upgraded Vista and it works with any combination of the 2 x 1gb and 1 x 512 mb sticks.
I will see how I go changing a couple of bios parameters etc one by now everything is stable.

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Seen this?

by Jellimonsta In reply to Upgrading Memory: Vista w ...

If you have verified the physical memory is fine. Check this out...


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