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Upgrading Mother Board

By matt5968 ·
I have Pc s running windows 98 me xp 2000 ... I want to upgrade the motherboards to p4 s and amd procesoors. I done 1 or 2 and system s would not boot and crash.. and ahd to reinstall OS. What can I do to keep from having to reinstall software.. thanks all...

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by RCOM In reply to Upgrading Mother Board

There is so much that can go wrong when you just put a new board and let Windows do its thing.

Microsoft suggests installing Windows into a new folder which is basically the same as starting over. But you won't loose you data. Programs will have to be reinstalled. If you want the Windows folder to have the same name then you can rename the original Windows folder. Startup to a command using a bootable floppy. The command would be "Move C:\windows c:\windold". After this if you want to run more DOS commands you'll have to change the path to the new location. "path c:\windold\command"

I've done what you're trying many times and have been successful. But its a radical approach and not for the faint at heart. Pplus its somewhat time consuming but doesn't take as long as restarting the system from scratch.

Before installing the new hardware backup the registry, disable all startup items except Explorer and Systray.

Shut down and take out any removable cards disconnect the CDROMs, floppy and disable everything possible on the motherboard. At this point its pretty much just the hard drive and video card.

Boot up so the changes can take effect then reboot into safe mode.

Open device manager and delete everything that it will allow. That way after installing the new motherboard and the system boots and starts trying to load all the new stuff the most old will be out of the way.

Install the new motherboard, connect one CDROM drive and the floppy. Leave things like modems and nics out till later.

Boot and install the drivers for the motherboard, once that's done put the parts in one at a time and get them working.

Go to Microsoft Update and check for needed files and reinstall MSIE, Direct X and Media Player.

Some software may still need to be reinstalled especially games and related patches.

For XP you'll have to call microsoft to get a key.

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by matt5968 In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Upgrading Mother Board

For W98 and Me, the process is fairly straight forward.

Before you swap in the new motherboards, boot up the PC 1 last time.
Run sysedit, and check for legacy device driver links. Remove them, or comment them out.
Enter Device Manager, and remove ALL hardware that will be different with the new motherboard.
IDE controllers
PCI buss and bridges

Then shut down and swap the hardware.

Keep in mind that you want to have less than 512MB of RAM on a 9X/Me box.

For XP and W2K, the process is a bit more involved.
Basically, you do a full backup;
Install Windows;
restore from the backup.

Here are a few links to web pages with more detailed information:


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by Kinetechs In reply to Upgrading Mother Board

Also take a look at the power management settings in the original MB and make sure you set them to same in the new MBs. Windows NT based OSs (NT, 2000, XP, 2003) use different HALs for power management and non power management systems. It may help some.


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by vas In reply to Upgrading Mother Board

The same thing happened to me, I just used Norton Ghost to create an image of the drive, re-install windows, then I restored the image and everything worked fine.

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by matt5968 In reply to Upgrading Mother Board

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