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upgrading my VGA Display

By abwsalma ·
Dear all,
my pc has a built-in VGA card with only 8MB.. so, very slow when playing movies.. I need to upgrade the memory but the problem is:
I have no AGP expansion slot.. only ISA, and..
the 8MB memory is booked from the pysical RAM, not a separate module belonging to the Card itself
pls help with all apossible solutions.
thanx :))

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by the world is an illusion In reply to upgrading my VGA Display

The first thing you need to do is to buy a vga card that will go in a regular pc slot on the motherboard. Then after you put it in load up windows, load the drivers, and your good to go. AGP video cards may be the latest and greatest, but you can do much better than 8mb with a pc card.

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by VinnyD In reply to upgrading my VGA Display

Sorry to tell you this but, an ISA video card will be slower than the built in VGA card.

So it looks like time for a computer upgrade.

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by JamesRL In reply to upgrading my VGA Display

Is it ISA or PCI slots?

You can get PCI cards which are new and have a fair amount of on board RAM.


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by TheChas In reply to upgrading my VGA Display

The last PC that I saw with ONLY ISA slots was a 486.

ISA slots are long black connectors.

PCI slots are short white connectors.

If your system is a 486, or a low speed Pentium, I would spend the money for a used PII or PIII class system.
For $50 to $200 (US), you would end up with a much better system.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to upgrading my VGA Display


Something that hasn't been mentioned is that if you upgrade to a plug in video card be sure to disable the on board video. Depending on your motherboard it may be via jumpers or in the bios.


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by abwsalma In reply to upgrading my VGA Display

Dear All :))
I really thank u for being so supportive.
now i know the slots i have are PCI.. since its a PIII 700 acer aspire mini tower.
p.s. i heared that some motherboards can b configured to give more RAM to the VGA card.. does anyone know if this is possible here? cos nothing can b done through the BIOS
thanx again

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by Boli In reply to upgrading my VGA Display


1st you can increase your shared graphics memory. but its only recomended if you have over 128MB! you can do this in the BIOS under 'advanced chipset features' (depending on which BIOS version)

2nd you must have PCI(white socket) so.. buy a PCI graphics card, i recomend a GeForce 4 MX440 (i have one of these in my other computer) there are very good PCI versions!

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