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Upgrading NT4 to XP Pro

By JP72 ·
I've tried the installation from an Upgrade CD a couple of times and the installation has fallen down each time - the first time it stopped was after 5% of the 'Setup is copying files'
whilst copying batmeter.dll. The second time it stopped at 17% on

Is the yellow progress bar and the %age number an accurate gauge? The current attempt has been frozen on 11% (file cdmedia.hlp) for more than
an hour now.

The system has got very little hardware - no peripherals at all. Do you think it may be worth stripping out the sound card, network card and modem? As you can tell, I'm fast running out of ideas!!!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Upgrading NT4 to XP Pro

Remove everything but the network card and hard disk controllers. Once you have a successful boot to Windows XP, then you can verify which card is having the issues.

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by dustyD In reply to Upgrading NT4 to XP Pro

Do you think this system has the chutzpa to run XP Pro?

Sounds like not. Did you check the system requirements before buying the Upgrade CD?

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by OTL In reply to Upgrading NT4 to XP Pro

Might sound dumb but, how much vacant HD space did you start with ? (Under 2 G - what were you trying to do ?) Which file system ? (fat 32 or NTFS).

Must remember 2 CD's = 1.5G but you must have enough free HD space to copy, expand, and then process the files to a working copy. (sorry OEM theory not mine!)

As an after thought, clean the CD ? Friend thinks finger prints do not matter, (audio/video no problem however data it can be a big problem !)

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by JP72 In reply to Upgrading NT4 to XP Pro

I've stripped out the lot and the installation froze at 17% on

I've now tried another Upgrade CD and the installation froze at the same point.

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by JP72 In reply to Upgrading NT4 to XP Pro

The HDD is 10Gb and I'm formatting it during the upgrade process as NTFS.

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