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Upgrading Office on Terminal Server

By david.gorman ·
Hi all,

I have a Windows 2003 box that runs terminal services. A number of users connect to this and run Office from terminal services.

Currently I have Office XP and want to upgrade to 2003. Does anyone know how this would affect the current users? I'm interested in how Outlook will be affected. Will it be similar to an upgrade on one machine users details will be migrated?


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Outlook - Change can be a good thing

by HutchTech In reply to Upgrading Office on Termi ...

With every Offic upgrade there seems to be one application that makes a major change--with Office 2003 that app is Outlook. The interface for Outlook hasn't changed since Outlook 97, so users are very used to how it works. Here's my suggestion for easing their stress:

1. Upgrade your exchange servers to Exchange 2003 (you'll want it anyway to take advantage of the RPC over SSL features in Outlook 2K3).
2. Get users used to the OWA (Outlook Web Access) interface with Exchange 2003 first, since it looks almost exactly like Outlook 2003.
3. After sufficient time (you be the judge), bite the bullet and upgrade the Office suite.

Yes, the profiles in Outlook 2003 should keep user data separated--I'm assuming here you're using Exchange in conjunction with Outlook.

Since the OWA in Exchange 2003 is so nice, perhaps you can get rid of the need for term services--at least in conjunction with Outlook.

- Hutch

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Security Changes in Access 2003

by toddharpham In reply to Upgrading Office on Termi ...

When I upgraded to Office 2003, I got a nasty surprise in Access. The security has been made more restrictive, and all of my applications were displaying a series of warnings on startup. I ended up changing the registry to allow my apps to run.
Check this link:;en-us;294698&Product=acc

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Office 2003

by vidyadhish_d In reply to Upgrading Office on Termi ...

My setup doesnt have a Terminal Server from where we run the office suite but individually setup Office Suites on Machines. When you move to Office 2003 a big difference is if your outlook users are using Exchange as an email solution. If the exchange server is deployed and is 5.5 and sits behind a firewall with the client machines on different subnets you will need to change the Firewall policies as the outlook 2003 will continuosly ask you for domain authentication.
Either you provide the same segment ip as the one of your servers or modify the firewall policies.(I guess firewall is a big no).
User settings are normally migrated and in our case even the Personal folders and Address Books were migrated. (we had to move our users from Exchange 5.5 to exchange 2003.)
Word/Excel and the rest are migrated without a glitch.
For further help please see the Microsoft Office Website they offer a ton of help. If you want further help mail me at

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