Upgrading server HDD's

By cmckay ·
We have a production webserver (Dell 2650) that we cannot take down for any length of time and we need to upgrade the primary part. HDD. Currently it's 40GB and the C has only 600mb free (I know... I inherited it).

The primary is configured for Raid 1.

The question is:

What is the easiest way to upgrade the drive to a larger capacity?

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by julian.bennett In reply to Upgrading server HDD's

Before you do any of this, make sure you have current backups and that you're confident any restores would complete successfully...

Now... hopefully your drives can be swapped on the fly and your mirror is working ok... I mean, if you were to unclip and remove one of the mirrored drives, the operating system should stay up, this is the ultimate test to ensure all is working as it should! Now, purchase/obtain to hard drives of larger capacity.

The mirror will contain disk 0 & disk 1. remove disk 1 and insert one of the larger disks.. what will happen is that 40GB of this larger drive will be used to "recreate" the mirror (the remaining space will be ignored), once this is done, leave this to settle for a while. Then remove disk 0 and insert the remaining larger drive, again the mirror will recreate.

you'll end up with an exact mirror of what you had before, with the remaining space on the disk being unallocated. Under windows you cannot extend a system partition, so you'll either have to create a second partition (d: drive for example) and then you can copy over data from the c: drive to relieve this partition. If you want one big drive, you'll have to use a 3rd party utility which will extend the c: drive, but this can only be done offline, you'll need to ensure this software is compatible with Dell raid drivers etc, something like partition magic could possibly do the trick. But with what you mentioned I think the second partition is option you'd take just for the time saving factor!

you'd really prefer to have minimal i/o on the disks during these operations.

The cleanest way though would be to backup the server, swap the drives and then restore onto the larger drives... but swapping the drives as i've said does work!

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Yes, enlarge the partition without reboot

by longtail In reply to Upgrading server HDD's

It means more loss if longer downtime, remember that there is only one SW that can enlarge the partition without reboot. You may confirm this by google search, some SW is worked by bootable disk, some product needs to restart after install, some needs to reboot when you operate.
See this it will help you avoid downtime.

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ZA again

by PurpleSkys In reply to Yes, enlarge the partitio ...

not that the info isn't good...but you're diggin up oldies

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