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    Upgrading System


    by pushp_db ·

    I have a celeron(II) 266 MHz processor with 4 gb H/D
    and 128 MB Ram.If I upgrade my h/d to 40 GB will it be recognized and applications like VB 6.0, oracle 8
    and Linux will run with out any problem

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Upgrading System

      Hard to say about the hard drive.

      Your PC is old enough to have an 8.4GB hard drive size limit in the BIOS.

      Check the minimum system requirements for ANY software package that you desire to run at the manufactures web site.

      Personally, I would get a newer used system rather than putting any effort into this one.


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      by jose_12650 ·

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      Visual Basics and Oracles and Linux are programs and OS that are not harddrive dependent. If you can run them in a 4 gig harddrive, I do not see any reason why you cannot do it in a 40 gig harddrive. Of course whether your bios would be able to recognize the 40 gig is another issue. But I think it can, since it has already surpassed the 2 gig bios limitation of most older machine, the 40 gig apparently could be recognized by your system. If not, all you have to do is to partition your harddrive into sizes that is recognizable by your system bios, or you can always upgrade your bios.

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      by fred07 ·

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      If the 40gig is a Western Digital or a Maxtor you can go to their respective sites and download their own HD setup disk. This will allow you to use EZBIOS which will allow the OS to see the 40gig HD.
      Many older systems can not see repectivly a 500mg,
      a 2gig, a 4gig, an 8gig or a 10gig.
      Some of the newer older can not see over 32gig or 60gig.
      Your choice and I do agree with TheChas. I recieved a bleep today from a supplier for a 667mghz with 128 RAM , cd and floppy for 129bucks.

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      by tech_wiz03 ·

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      A celeron II 266mhz cpu/bios has a 8.4g limitation on harddisk partitions. Additionally when you look at using linux you will find that the boot partition must reside completely below the 1023rd cylinder so for most 40GB harddisks this will mean using partition 1 <=2gb, partition 2 =holder for logical drives, first logical drive = linux-boot Vb6 and oracle depend totally on the bios to determine what can be used. In short follow chas above use a newer machine regards rick

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