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Upgrading to Netware 5.1

By turtle975 ·
I started a discussion Roger Zan, CNE (another techrepublic member) and thought I would post what we have so far because I thought is answer to my question was great and to generate further discussion.

My question was:
"...I am having a little trouble with our first 5.1 server. I think it might be because we don't have supervisory access to the root of the tree (the whole county is one big tree, I only have rights in my container).

Any suggestions or tips? With all the new features, did you have to extend the schema?"

His reply was:
"You are correct about your assumption about rights. Being a container admin does not constitute having rights at the root level of the tree. Anytime you add or remove a server from the tree, you need to log in as root admin or root admin equivalent because the changes that are made to NDS (server context, creation of volume objects, external references, etc.) are propagated down from the root. Also,
Netware 5.1 will introduce new object classes, like a trusted root certificate (see articles about Novell Certificate Server 2.0) so that you can mint your own X.509 certificates to use in encryption enabled applications (eg. SSL in webservers). Any additional object classes require extending the schema which will require admin rights at the root of the exceptions. If you decided to install
NDS 8 (eDirectory or Corp Edition), you require root admin rights because NDS 8 will extend the schema for new object classes.

Hope my response helped you. Happy New Year and upgrading!"

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