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upgrading to xp from 98se

By spec5000 ·
i am having problems with the upgrade installation for windows xp professional edition, it accepts the cd key and then goes onto begin instalation but then stops soon after with two error messages

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by DouglasB In reply to upgrading to xp from 98se

I would suggest saving your files from the 98 machine, then do a clean install of XP, and once day transfer your files over. If you upgrade you inherit a potential list of problems from the old operating system, some you may not be aware of. I have found it takes less time and is a lot less aggravating to do a clean install. Also, you did not mention what error messages you are receiving?

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by TheChas In reply to upgrading to xp from 98se

Have you checked for:

Sufficient free hard drive space?

Your hardware exceeds the minimum requirements for XP?
I recommend 2 times the minimum CPU speed and RAM.

Any unsupported hardware?

Unsupported software?

Any of these can cause the XP installation to bomb.

I don't know if you can still boot into W98.
If so, you might want to load the XP CD and run the files and settings transfer wizard to prepare your system for the upgrade.


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by JamesRL In reply to upgrading to xp from 98se

I second the good advice you are getting.

I would add;

Make sure your existing setup is problem free - do a HD cleanup, backup your files, defrag your disk, make as much free space as possible.

Switch to generic VGA drivers.

Uninstall or at least disable any anti-virus software.

You would be best to back up your data, format the HD and do a clean install. Trust me from experience I have had to do that after trying to resolve issues from an "upgrade" on more than a few occasions.


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by sureshtech_aagac In reply to upgrading to xp from 98se

I u see an blue screen error showing that problem in rom bios shadowing then the problem is in ur RAM just replace it & try to install it

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by wlbowers In reply to upgrading to xp from 98se

Post the configuration of your machine and the error messages and we could help more.


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