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Upgrading Windows Me to W2K

By andrechem ·
I tried to upgrade Windows Me to W2K but it removed all upgrade files (DLLS), and disabled the upgrade feature, prompting that I should do a clean install instead of which I do not want, beecause I will loose all my application programs. I tried copying back the upgrade files and re-installing Me plus running critical updates but nothing seems to work. My question is how do I handle this upgrade without doing a clean install. I desperately need to use W2K.

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by TheChas In reply to Upgrading Windows Me to W ...

Reasons that W2K might require a clean installation:

Insufficient free hard drive space.
I did not check the recommendations, but I would want a minimum of 1GB free hard drive space to install ANY version of Windows.

Conflicting files.
What service pack level is your W2K CD?
You may have OS files for Me that conflict with the W2K version. If the file is in use, W2K can't replace it.

Unsupported applications.
You may have programs on the PC that have required system files that the W2K installer cannot replace.

Virus or Worm.
Some viruses and worms block the Windows installer from running.

Incompatible hardware.
You may have system hardware that is not supported by W2K.

All of the above said, it is ALWAYS better to format the hard drive and perform a clean installation of Windows when upgrading versions.

First, you get a fresh clean system registry with no artifacts from old programs.

Second MANY applications install differently for W2K than they do for Me.
Even if you can perform an upgrade installation of W2K, some programs may not work after the upgrade.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Upgrading Windows Me to W ...

i would use the windows 2000 compatibility checker that came on the windows 2000 pro installation cd (drive:\i386\winnt32.exe /checkupgradeonly)
(note the switch)
to see what it said it didn't like.
also try disabling any special ide drivers, cd burner software (you can't upgrade it that way, sorry), anti-virus software, printer drivers of all kinds.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

i meant uninstall, not disable (mostly)
you might also have to update the BIOS and motherboard drivers in your system. do this b/4 attempting upgrade.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

this *is* win2k pro, yes? becuz no upgrade path from winME to win2k server...
there is lots and lots about ugrading your system on search the knowledgebase use windows 2000, upgrade,

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

just final thought:
you are attempting upgrade using Winnt32.exe on the installation cd, yes? not the 16 bit installer also on the cd: Winnt.exe
i believe 16 bit version will force clean install

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by jmw In reply to Upgrading Windows Me to W ...

You cannot do an upgrade from WinME to W2K. Check the MS Knowledge base and it will tell you that.

However, the W2K Upgrade CD is actually the entire W2K install. You can do a complete new install with it, you do not need to have a previous version of Windows on your drive.

Since WinME is such a brain damaged version of Windows it cannot be upgraded to W2K, nor can the apps installed under WinME be successfully upgraded to run under W2K. Remember - Friends don't let friends use WinME.

I would suggest you buy a new HD (40GB will do it). Install W2K on it and then use your current HD as a secondary drive and then reinstall your apps. I know that is a lot of work but you really don't have any other choice. But I promise you that you will be very happy that you put in the extra effort.

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