upgrading WinXp Home Edition to sp2

By jgrichards_98 ·
I was trying to remove/add internet explorer to my brother in law's XpHome Edition as it was not allowing him to go any deeper on some sites. I cannot find how or where it is blocking these sites. He can go to most through Netscape, however some sites don't use Netscape, only IE. I cannot upgrade to ie7 as he needs sp2. I cannot find sp2 for home edition, just for enterprise installations and it doesn't work on this machine.
I download ie6 and at the beginning of setup, it says there is already a newer copy of IE on this machine. I took out every reference to IE6 or internet explorer or iexplore I could find in the registry. Help. I would just like to get ie6 running without blocking his sites.

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MS only makes one version of SP2 for XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to upgrading WinXp Home Edit ...

And that covers every version of XP available. Though if you don't want the 260+ Meg CD you can just go to the Windows Update Site and download the necessary parts of SP2 for that computer. From memory the average computer requires about 75 MEG installed to apply SP2 to any form of XP. I personally use the SP2 MS supplied CD fro every version of XP from Home, Media Center, Pro without a problem. If you have a slipstreamed copy of SP2 for XP Enterprise this could have been specially made for the Business computers that they support and only hold the necessary components of SP2 and not the ones that this computer needs.

When SP2 became available MS was handing out copies of SP2 to every one who asked and they often came as Cover Cd's on Computer Mags as well as being held on the counter in major computer shops to be taken as required.

As for IE not being able to get into some Web Sites that is a Security Related Issue and you'll need to look at the Security Settings in IE to allow a lower Security Rating and possible a greater chance of infection occurring to the computer.

In IE 6 to change the Security options you need to click on Tools Select Internet Options and then the Security Tab. Once you get there you can lower the settings as you require to allow IE to access whatever.


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IE security options

by jgrichards_98 In reply to MS only makes one version ...

Thanks, Hal. But I did lower the security options and IE still would not go to deeper links on some web pages. I want to reinstall IE6 but I get the message that a later version is already installed. I went through the entire registry and deleted ie6, iexplore, internet explorer entries. Do you know where the entry is that identifies ie6 as the version on this machine so I can delete that, too, and reinstall ie6?

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Windows Update

by Kiltie In reply to IE security options

I would have thought that WU would install/reinstall/update IE to what you want.

Have you tried that?

I agree with Col, this looks like a security setting, but exactly what problem are you having?
I don't understand what you mean by "go any deeper"
Could you explain please? Give examples?

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Firstly I don't think that you can remove IE from XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IE security options

This was what brought MS down in Europe in the case against them a few years ago.

Short of instilling the Beta copy of IE7 which is available here

I don't think that there is much that you can do as it's a required component to download any MS Patches through the Windows Live Update Program.

IE is just totally integrated into the Windows Kernel and has been that way for a long time now.

Even on Business machines that will never be connected to the Internet I always just remove the shortcuts to IE from the start menu and run like that. When a Internet Browser is required we use Fire Fox and have never had a problem with that getting into any sites, even the Microsoft ones except for the Live Update Site where IE is required.

Also remember that IE and Outlook Express are the same program so you need to remove both to have any chance to remove IE from the system. That may be of some help when you attack the Registry as you'll need to delete any references to Outlook Express as well as IE.

Personally I've never had a problem going anywhere with FF except as stated the Windows Live Update site and I go to MS Tech-net using FF only so if that was going to present a problem I would have thought that it would there. About the only place that I can think of that would require IE is a site that is attempting to exploit IE to break into Windows by causing a Buffer Overflow and they are places that you would normally want to avoid like the plague anyway.

But if you would like to site some examples I'll have a look see. But I'll be using a Nix Distro with FF as a first option to look just so that I can make sure that it's safe and then I'll try a installed Linux running IE to see what happens.


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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to upgrading WinXp Home Edit ...

Sounds like you have ruined the machine. Better find the source OS disks....

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