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Upgrading Wired Network

By tptbusines_98 ·
I am currently upgrading a wired network.
I have completed 75% of the upgrade.
Now, my client wants to add wireless fuctionality to the existing network upgrade. I'd like some suggestions on, "best" practices for intergrating a wireless enviroment, to a wire network.

My platforms are Windows XP on the front-office, & Linux (Red Hat) on the backoffice...

Thank you,

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really only one thing for that

by Jaqui In reply to Upgrading Wired Network

shoot whoever decided to keep windows on the workstations

actually, make sure you lock down all wireless access points to only those devices you want to allow.

if there is to be "public" access, only one access point needs to be left so they can access through it.

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I would go a step further

by Dumphrey In reply to really only one thing for ...

and limit the wireless to a separate network, allowing ACLs to control access to the wired portion to limit exposure, set a predefined address pool for wireless dhcp, and limit any access to only those specific addresses...
I would say WPA2 would be required for business use.
It really comes down to how the wireless is to be used, and what risk you are willing to take.
A single unencrypted access point to provide internet to guests is good, but it needs to have no, or very limited access to the company network.

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I would say

by Jaqui In reply to I would go a step further

zero access to the rest of the network.
only internet access for a quick check of email type of thing.

The problem with a separate net for wireless is if you have workstations using wireless that need the access to the network resources.

you wind up with 2 wireless networks to have the access for those that need it and to limit the access for those that don't.

makes more of a headache to administer with changes.

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Very true its a big PITA

by Dumphrey In reply to I would say

but wireless has its own security concerns that cant be avoided. And any decent router will allow incomming outgoing acls for network resources with a minimum of fuss.

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