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Upgrd. NT4 to Win2K on PDC Auth. Probs.

By mattjones ·
I have recently upgraded my PDC from Windows NT 4 to Win2K with Active Directory. Since my transfer I can only get SOME of my servers to Log into the Domain. Some of my servers give me the error "cannot find domain controller" even though i can ping and even find/see the computer in the Network Neighborhood. My Macs and a few other NON windows based Servers/Workstation log into the server fine and can use the "log in Pass Through" to use my PDC to authenticate. The problem is that my print server, MKS server, FTP server and WWW server WILL NOT authenticate to the PDC. I MUST set up an account on that computer for EVERYONE in my office. They are ALL windows2K server machines and do NOT run active directory. I was under the impression that Active Directory needs only be installed on my PDC and my BDC. The new File Server i ordered is going to be my BDC but it "cannot find the domain". When i upgraded to NT4 the upgrade crashed the computer and screwed up my PDC. So i formated the driveand installed Win2K server. A friend mentioned that this could happen and that the "keys" that windows uses to authenticate users/computers have now changed and they must be recreated? Dell on the otherhand told me (if i trust thier tech support guy) that i MUST have Active Directory install on all servers logging into the Domain. I need to get this resolved and i don't have all day at the office to spend on the Network as i have other jobs to perform and two racks to install and prepare for.

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Upgrd. NT4 to Win2K on PDC Auth. Probs.

by duwaned In reply to Upgrd. NT4 to Win2K on P ...


I am assuming that your BDC is NT 4, and was up and running before you reloaded your PDC.

When you re-installed your PDC after the failed upgrade, did you join an existing domain, or create a new one?

If you created a new one (even withthe same name), then you will have to re-install it again.

Do it in the following way:
1)Remove the 2000 PDC from the network.
2)Promote your old BDC to be a PDC.
3)Re-install the 2000 machine as a domain controller, but join an existing domain this time(the domain being your existing domain).
4)Demote the PDC back to BDC.

Hope this works! Otherwise you will need to re-install your BDC, re-create all computer accounts in the domain, and set up all users again!

If you need more help, drop me a line (, and I will see if I can help you further.

Good luck.

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