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UPGUARDS 425 ups drivers HELP !

By zwilcoxen ·
I have recently found an uninterruptible power supply at work hidden under a pile of other paperwork and bits. it is the "upguards 425" model that we forgot to plug back in after installing the new webserver oops. i went to install it today after some not so kind words from the MD about what happened to his server when the power went off only to find that the drivers and software for the auto shutdown software are no longer with us and like any well organised it support department the cd has long since dissapeared. have googled the product but i cannot read romanian. Can anyone help with a driver or some translations? Or some pills to cure a slighty upset MD?.

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Replace it, do not bother

Let's examine the important facts here:

1) That UPS is ancient, and the battery is going to be shot.
2) It is a 425 VA unit.
3) It is most likely a dinky line interactive unit.

In other words, I would not be connecting anything more important than my electric toothbrush to that device!

A 425 VA is not worth more than a few hours worth of your time. It costs $50/hour minimum to keep a sys admin or other mid-level IT professional at their desk. Do not waste your time on a $100 device. Seriously. Replace it. The unit is no good. For under $100, you can find an equivalent unit at Best Buy, Office Max, Staples, etc. (like an APC BackUPS 500 or so). Better yet, spend a bit more for a small dual conversion unit, like the GE GT series. I would not connect a server to a 425 VA line interactive unit, and definitely not more than 1 server to it. Do yourself a favor and make your client happy, replace the UPS. A 3+ year old UPS is worth less than nothing, it is actually harmful because it provides the illusion of power protection.


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