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Hi,I am using a WRT610N Dual band router.My internet Provider is COMCAST.My standard UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD Speed is 22MBIT/sec.However by using my router the speed dips to 5 to 6 mbit/second.I have upgraded the firmware ,since then the speed on desktop is 19.3 and laptop is 8.2.I have used and to determine the speed

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couple thoughts...

by ---TK--- In reply to UPLOAD /DOWNLOAD SPEED

Do you have a Dedicated line, or is it shared out? It is probably shared out, which means that other subscribers are sucking some bandwidth... Comcast might advertise UP TO 22 Mbits /s but that is the cap. Just b/c its up to 22 doesn't guarantee that you will get it... It's all a matter of how much other bandwidth other people are using.

Also when you ran the speed test on the laptop, was it over wifi? and are you encrypted? If so, the encryption will cause you to slow down, and create a bottle neck.

I am right there with you, I use TimeWarner cable... I can go from 24 down, to 5 down at any point in the day... The only time I really care is when my up speed is hosed, and I start dropping packets... Just as a FYI, if packet loss is 10% or less, they probably will give two SH**'s... apparently 10% is acceptable to ISP's, even though it can destroy your online gaming experience...

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by rak009 In reply to couple thoughts...

Thanks for the reply ....the speed test was done using Laptop n its an encrypted W/L Network ...does encryption also reduce the speed to an extent ...

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Yes, exactly as stated.

by seanferd In reply to GREAT!!!!!

Wireless is slower than wired.
Encryption will slow this down further.

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And you point is what ? {no text}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to UPLOAD /DOWNLOAD SPEED
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by sahaya In reply to UPLOAD /DOWNLOAD SPEED

i use this site to check my internet speed. my download speed is 1.8Mbps and my upload speed is 0.8Mbps. i dont use any router manually. i too updated my firmware.

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