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Upper management has a hard time letting employees go

By jtakiwi ·
We have had a few employees leave the company, but now the CEO finally realizes that our support manager hasn't been pulling her weight for the past two years. Case in point, we lost a couple of employees on the help desk a few weeks ago and this manager decided to take a 5 day weekend. Her assistant doesn't have a problem w/ the extended absence when they are shorthanded (keeps her out of my hair is the response from him and the troops it appears). Previously, we had our NOC manager lose quite a bit of customer data w/out repercussion for three months, then he was replaced and finally quit. How can I present the business case to rid our organization of this dead weight? Any Ideas?

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This isn't a business case.

by JamesRL In reply to Upper management has a ha ...

This is about service levels. Define what you need to delivery, get it agreed by your customers and measure it every month. Then it will become apparent where things are falling down.


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Management issues

by Sysadmin/Babysitter In reply to Upper management has a ha ...

It has been my experience that when management allows such behavior - MANAGEMENT is running at a higher level of incompetence that the employees that it will not terminate.
Perhaps new management is in order.
Method 1- work within the system to institute policies & procedures that give clear objectives of service levels for each position within the company (while hoping that the female you spoke of is not having extremely personal liasions that would prevent any negative action against her).
Method 2-Interview new management (find a different employer)
Current management seems to value the "status quo".

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You're right

by jtakiwi In reply to Management issues

Management seems to embrace the status quo. It was funny that you said that becausa at a meeting we had recently, the CEO brought up that we really hope we have our process ironed out in 6 months. I mentioned that we said this six months ago and, well you can imagine the response. The biggest problem is I like the people here, we just can't seem to mature at the rate I'd like us to. We get too dstracted by little things, and pay no attention to the stuff I would consider important until it blows up in our face. Thanks for the input, I've been browsing for new opportunities for a while now. I may have to take one up on their offer.

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